TNA Against All Odds PPV Results – February 14, 2010

TNA Against All Odds Opener:

Ric Flair storms in the Impact Zone upset about getting in a car wreck last week. He’s also mad that Bischoff is going to be the referee tonight. Flair says he hates Bischoff’s guts and tonight, he’s going to make Bischoff pay him the respect he owes. Flair says he’s a God around here. Flair says he’s looking for Bischoff, OR ELSE.

We get the usual video package that normally opens the show. This package highlights the 8 Card Stud Tournament. The winner of the Tournament will become the #1 Contender, and get a shot at Lockdown next month. There’s also a bit about the Championship match between Joe and Styles thrown in for good measure.

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to Against All Odds. He immediately begins to hype the Championship match with Eric Bischoff as referee. He also hypes the 8 Card Stud Tournament, which will open the show. Desmond Wolfe’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring.

8 Card Stud Tournament
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Desmond Wolfe

The bell rings, and both men circle each other. Pope is getting huge chants. Pope and Wolfe chain wrestle for a bit, but Wolfe pushes Dinero into the ropes, causes a break, and cheap shots him with an elbow. Wolfe locks in an interesting submission, but Pope quickly reverses. Wolfe fights out, but neither man can gain an advantage. Wolfe hits a big European uppercut, but he walks right into a series of elbows and a big forearm from Pope. Wolfe comes back with a shoulderblock, but quickly falls victim to a flying forearm. Wolfe tosses Pope out to the floor, and catches him by surprise, but when he goes for a Tower of London, Pope fights out.

Wolfe begins to work over Pope’s arm and shoulder, locking in a modified rear chin lock with an arm bar. Pope begins to fight back with a couple of chops, but Wolfe responds with a quick DDT that’s good for a near fall. Pope hits a slam, but Wolfe locks on and hangs on to a cravat. Pope eventually fights out, but Wolfe catches him with a boot. Pope comes right back with a series of forearms, and an inverted atomic drop. A flying forearm drops Wolfe, and when he gets up, he walks into a bitch slap. Pope hits the Coronation, and he goes to the top rope. Pope hits a flying cross body but it’s only good for two.

Wolfe catches Dinero on the top rope and he goes for the tower of London, but Dinero fights it off. Wolfe hits a Mongolian chop and hits a superplex instead. He goes for the pin but he can only get two. Wolfe looks to be getting frustrated. Wolfe goes for the lariat, but Dinero ducks it and catches him with a roll up for two. Wolfe chops away at Pope in the corner, but when he chargers him, Pope moves, and Dinero hits a rope assisted neck breaker. Pope hits the double knees to the back, and goes for the pin. The ref counts three, and this one is over.

Winner and Moving on in the 8 Card Stud Tournament: D’Angelo Dinero


Flair is shown walking around backstage and he walks into Bischoff’s office. He asks what makes Bischoff think he can make himself the special referee. Flair says Bischoff thinks he’s God, but the only Wrestling God in TNA is Flair. If Eric wants to do anything he needs to go through Flair since he’s Style’s manager. Bischoff says that Flair is pissed off because his boy is in a match with Samoa Joe and a ref that he can’t buy. Flair says he doesn’t need to buy the ref because Styles has Flair and that’s all he needs. Bischoff says he’s going to call it down the middle and Flair needs to keep his distance. Flair backs off and leaves the office.


JB is backstage, with Hernandez and Matt Morgan, the next two men to go into battle in the 8 Card Stud Tournament. Hernandez says they’re facing each other by luck of the draw, and they’re making the most of this opportunity. Morgan says they’re going to be the tag champs for a long time, but how could they not jump at the opportunity for a World Title match. Morgan says they want to have a match for bragging rights to see who’s better. He wishes Hernandez good luck and they walk away.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan

Both men give each other a fist bump before locking up. Morgan backs Hernandez up into the corner and breaks clean. They lock up again and this time Hernandez backs Morgan up, also breaking clean. Another fist bump, another lock up and Morgan locks in a headlock, but Hernandez fights out. Morgan puts Hernandez down with shoulder block, then another, but a third attempt and Hernandez knocks Morgan down instead. Hernandez sends Morgan into the ropes and Morgan tries for the Carbon footprint but he can’t get it. Hernandez tries for a border toss but Morgan fights out. Morgan hits the rapid fire elbows in the corner and Hernandez goes down.

Hernandez tries for a high risk move, and it looks like someone botches it, but they recover quickly when Morgan connects with a big lariat. Morgan hits a big splash in the corner, and then another, and he follows up with a side slam, but Hernandez kicks out at two. Hernandez begins to fight back, but he eats an elbow and finds himself back on the canvas. Morgan chokes Hernandez on the ropes, and he hits a big leg drop, launching himself over the top rope. Morgan hits a big leg drop on the apron reminiscent of the Undertaker, but it’s only good for a two count.

Morgan hits a couple of short arm clotheslines but he still can’t keep Hernandez down. Morgan locks in a chin lock, but Hernandez fights out of it, but quickly goes down to a clubbing blow across the back. Hernandez reverses an Irish whip, and slingshots over the top rope, catching Morgan with a big shoulder block and both men are down.

Hernandez is fired up, he hits a series of clotheslines, a big splash, and a spinebuster, but he can’t keep Morgan down for three. Hernandez hits a huge delayed vertical suplex holding Morgan up for a ridiculous amount of time. Morgan rolls out to the entrance ramp. Hernandez launches himself over the ropes and connects with Morgan, but he immediately falls to the floor and grabs at his shoulder.

Morgan won’t allow Hernandez to get counted out, and he holds the ropes to let him back in the ring. Morgan immediately locks in a hammerlock, throws Hernandez into the corner, and grabs the tights for a pin. Mogan gets the three count.

Winner and Moving on in the 8 Card Stud Tournament: Matt Morgan

Hernandez doesn’t look to happy with Morgan as he makes his way to the back.


Christy Hemme is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says he has to apologize to Hogan. He says since Hogan arrived in TNA, he doubted his agenda, but he proved himself to Angle on Thursday when he saved him from Hall and Syxx Pac, he says he’ll never doubt Hogan again. As far as his match with Mr. Anderson tonight, he says he’s going to mow through the Tournament, and become the #1 Contender, and that starts with Ken Anderson. Angle says he’s going to introduce Anderson to TNA the only way he knows how, by beating him in the middle of the ring.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

The bell rings and we’re ready to kick this one off. The crowd is solidly behind Angle. Anderson catches Angle with a kick, but Angle shrugs it off, and on the next attempt, goes for the ankle lock. Anderson is able to make it to the ropes though, preventing the hold. Angle connects with a headlock takedown on Anderson, taking him to the mat and holding on. Anderson fights up to his feet, but quickly falls victim to a shoulderblock, and another side headlock.

Anderson is finally able to fight out with a couple of big blows to Angle’s back. Anderson chokes Angle with his boot, but that fires up Angle who responds with a back body drop and a snap suplex, but it’s only good for a two count. Angle takes Anderson to the corner, and he hits exactly 10 punches before backing off, and whipping Anderson into the other corner. Angle charges Anderson in the corner, but Anderson moves and Angle connects with the ring post.

Anderson grabs a chain that Angle wears around his neck, and rubs it across Angle’s forehead, cutting him open. Anderson punches away at him in the corner, but Angle fights back, only to walk into a big DDT. Anderson goes for the pin but it’s only good for two. Anderson stomps away at Angle and locks in a rear chin lock, wrenching away.

Angle is able to fight his way up to his feet and out of the hold, with a series of elbows and right hands. Angle takes Anderson down with a couple of clotheslines, and a huge belly to belly suplex. Angle tries for the cover but only gets two. Angle is whipped into the corner, but he explodes out with a big lariat that’s good for another near fall. Angle hits a big release German suplex and he holds on, connecting with a second, and a third.

Angle tries for the Angle slam, but he can’t get it. Anderson connects with a Finlay roll, and it’s good for a two count. Anderson goes to the corner, and goes to work, trying to tear away at the turnbuckle. He distracts the ref, and unties the opposite turnbuckle. He tries to send Angle into the turnbuckle, but Angle blocks it and responds with an Angle slam. Angle goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out at two.

Angle locks in the ankle lock, but Anderson is able to kick him off. Angle charges Anderson, but he ends up running head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Anderson uses this to his advantage and hits the mic check. Anderson goes for the pin, gets three, and this one’s over.

Winner and Moving on in the 8 Card Stud Tournament: Mr. Anderson

After the match, Anderson brings Angle his medal, and spits in his face before walking to the back.


Bischoff is backstage with Abyss and Mick Foley. Bischoff says he hopes both men understand, but running a wrestling company is tough. He’s responsible to put on the best card he can, and he needs to ensure no games. He tells Foley and Abyss to go at it like it’s their last match, because if he suggests any kind of gamesmanship, Abyss will lose his mask. Foley says that’s not going to be a problem, but how do he and Abyss know Bischoff isn’t going to be unfair when it comes to their match. Bischoff says that it will be a No DQ match, and he wants to give the fans an opportunity to watch each man beat each other. He says if no one uses a barbed wire bat, Abyss’ mask will be gone.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Mick Foley vs. Abyss

Abyss looks concerned again. The bell rings, and both men lock up. Abyss locks in a head lock, but Foley fights it off, only to get hit with a big shoulder block. Foley goes for the bat, but Abyss knocks him down and kicks it away. Abyss beats on Foley in the corner before hitting a big splash. Abyss picks up the bat, and the crowd wants him to use it, but he throws it down. Abyss says he can’t do it. Foley slaps him in the face. He does it again, and three more times before hitting a couple of forearms. Abyss responds with a couple of forearms of his own that send Foley to the floor. Abyss follows out, but he’s quickly thrown into the barricade. Foley grabs a chair and whacks Abyss across the back.

Foley slams Abyss’ head into the ring steps, and screams at him. Back in the ring, Foley grabs the bat, but charging Abyss, Abyss gets his foot up and knock Foley away. Abyss chokes Foley against the ropes, but he lets his guard down and gets hit with a spinning neck breaker. Foley pounds on Abyss in the corner, hitting a series of forearms. Foley hits a running knee, and goes for a bag in the corner, with lots of thumbtacks. Foley spreads the tacks across the canvas. Foley pounds on Abyss and Abyss teases falling in the tacks. Foley charges, but Abyss catches him in chokeslam position, he takes him away from the tacks before slamming him down though. Abyss goes for the pin, but he only gets two.

Abyss takes the trademark sock away from Foley, and he puts it on, but he immediately gets caught with a double arm DDT. Foley goes for the referee, taking off his shoe, and stealing his sock, but when he goes for the mandible claw, Abyss catches him with one of his own. Foley applies his own, and Abyss looks to be fading fast.

Foley lets go of the hold before the referee can drop Abyss’ hand three times. Foley grabs the bat, but when he goes for Abyss, he walks right into a black hole slam into the tacks. Abyss goes for the pin, and he gets three.

Winner and Moving on the the 8 Card Stud Tournament:Abyss

After the match, Abyss checks on Foley, looking very upset and helping him remove some of the tacks from his back.


Christy Hemme is backstage with the Nasty Boys. Knobs says they know why they’re there. They’ve been friends with Hogan for years, and Hogan called them up and told them to show all the tag teams in TNA how it’s done. Saggs says the Nasty Boys aren’t bottom feeders, they go right to the top, and 3D is the top. Saggs says if they can’t beat 3D, why are they even there. Knobs says that Team 3D is going to Nastyville.

Grudge Tag Team Match
Team 3D vs. The Nasty Boys

3D rush the ring, but the Nasties are waiting, and the immediately begin the beat down on Ray and D-Von. I’m not sure if normal tag team rules apply of if this one will be tornado rules. Everyone is just brawling right now and the referee is standing around. 3D begin to come back, sending Knobs to the floor and taking Saggs out with a double clothesline. Saggs retreats to the floor, and the Nasties try to regroup.

The Nasties circle the ring, but 3D refuses to follow. The Nasty Boys finally make their way back to the apron, and this one looks like it will be traditional tag team rules. Ray and Sags are going to start things off. Sags takes Ray down with a knee, and he rakes at his eyes in the corner, before hitting a charging clothesline. Knobs takes in, but Ray fights back with a series of quick rights, only to fall victim to a poke to the eye. Sags tags in, and the Nasties signal for their armpit spot from 20 years ago. Ray fights out and makes the tag to D-Von, they take down Sags with a double clothesline, but Knobs pulls Sags to the floor.

Sags finally makes his way back into the ring after a long break (how blown up are the Nasties already?). Sags tags out to Knobs, and D-Von is able to fight out, taking Knobs down with a clothesline. D-Von goes after Sags, but he’s caught with a low bridge, and he falls to the floor. Sags chokes D-Von on the floor while Knobs distracts the ref. Ray comes in from nowhere and knocks Sags down hard. Back in the ring, Knobs takes D-Von down with a slam and hits a big elbow. Sags tags in, and the Nasties hit a double shoulderblock.

D-Von begins to fight back against Sagas with a series of right hands, but Sags hits D-Von with a quick kick to take him down and prevent a tag. Ray loses his cool and that allows for a Nasties double team. Knobs is in now, and he locks in an abdominal stretch. Knobs adds extra pressure with a couple of big blows and he tags in Sags. Sags rakes D-Vons eyes, and the Nasties try for a double team, but D-Von ducks a charging Knobs and clotheslines Sags. D-Von makes the tag to Ray who comes in and cleans house.

Ray splashes both Nasties in the corner, and he tries for a uranage, but Sags doesn’t seem willing to take it. 3D hit the Wassup headbutt on Knobs, and follow it up with a 3D on Sags. Jimmy Hart is there and he gives Knobs a foreign object. Knobs hits Ray, reverses the pin, and the referee sees it and counts to three. This one’s over.

Winners: The Nasty Boys

It looks like Jimmy Hart has made his way to TNA.


Bischoff is backstage with Samoa Joe, he says tonight is a whole new ballgame. Joe says he knows, the most important thing is for a company to have a champion it can believe in, and AJ Styles is not that man. Bischoff says he and Flair have more history than he cares to discuss, and he doesn’t want to see Flair’s boy with the championship, but with the stripes on, he feels like he has to call it down the middle. Joe says if Bischoff takes care of Flair, he’ll take care of AJ. Bischoff says Joe needs to keep control of his temper, take care of AJ, and he’ll take care of everything else.

8 Card Stud Tournament
Semifinal Match
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Matt Morgan

The bell rings, and this one’s ready to go. Both men lock up, and Morgan uses his power to toss Pope back immediately. Another lock up, and we get the same result. Morgan points out the size difference. Ppe ducks a lock up and kicks away at Morgan’s leg. Morgan shoves him away, but Pope won’t stop. Morgan eventually tosses Pope over the top rope. Morgan follows , and he slams Pope right into the ring apron.

Morgan tosses Dinero back into the ring, and he follows, but Pope responds with a couple of quick strikes to the midsection. Morgan puts him right down, and into the corner, where he hits the rapid fire elbows. Morgan hits a big splash, and gets Pope into side slam position before just simply dropping him. Morgan chokes Dinero by stepping on his throat, and he follows it up by choking him on the top rope and hitting a leaping leg drop.

Morgan rolls back into the ring and locks in a big bear hug. Pope looks to be fading, but he comes back with a big elbow to the head, a kick to the knee, and a dropkick to the knee. Dinero goes for a cross body, but Morgan catches him, and hits a fall away slam. Morgan goes for the cover, but he only gets two. Morgan picks up Pope, but Pope counters with a DDT out of nowhere and both men are down.

Both men get back to their feet and Pope gets the advantage with a fiery series of forearms and a big elbow to the side of the head. Pope slaps Morgan, but it just makes him angry. Pope drop toe holds Morgan into the ropes, but going for the Coronation, Morgan hits a huge lariat. Morgan goes for the pin, but Pope kicks out at two. Morgan looks shocked. Morgan pounds on Pope in the corner, hitting a series of headbutts. Morgan tries for the Carbon footprint in the corner, but Dinero dodges it and Morgan is hung up. Pope connects with the double knees, goes for the pin, and this one is over.

Winner and Advancing to the Finals of the 8 Card Stud Tournament: D’Angelo Dinero

JB is backstage with Mr. Anderson. Anderson makes JB repeat several times that Anderson beat Kurt Angle before saying no, that he destroyed Angle. Anderson says that he beat Abyss a month ago at Genesis, and he’s going to go all the way tonight and grab the title shot, then the title at Lockdown. He says he’s the guy they call Mr. Anderson… Anderson (of course interrupting JB).

8 Card Stud Tournament
Semifinal Match
Mr. Anderson vs. Abyss

Anderson is out to the ring next, and the crowd really just doesn’t seem to care. Anderson doesn’t introduce himself this time, instead we go straight into the match. Both men lock up and Abyss tosses Anderson in the corner. Anderson ducks a lock up and hits a couple of kicks, chops and punches, but when he tries to whip Abyss, he ends up finding himself being whipped. Anderson tries for a cross body, but Abyss isn’t moved. Anderson calls for a test of strength, but he slaps Abyss instead. Anderson goes for a body slam, but Abyss doesn’t budge, and slams Anderson instead.

Abyss hits Anderson with a big boot to the face, and he clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor. Abyss follows Anderson to the floor, and he slams his head into the ring steps. Anderson catches Abyss with a low knee, and he tries to slam Abyss into the barricade, but Abyss blocks it, instead sending Anderson into the barricade. Abyss sends Anderson back into the ring, and he goes for a splash in the corner, but Anderson gets the elbow up and hits a dropkick to the knee. Anderson pounds away at Abyss with a couple of right hands.

Anderson tries to rip of Abyss’ mask, but Abyss backs him up into the corner and prevents it. Anderson chop blocks Abyss’ knee and chokes away at him in the corner. Anderson ties Abyss’ knee up in the ropes and pounds away at it, before hitting a running dropkick straight to the knee. Anderson charges in again, but he finds himself in chokeslam position. Anderson fights out, but walks into a back body drop. Abyss hits Anderson with a couple of big right hands, and a splash in the corner before following up with a side slam, but it’s only good for a two count.

Abyss tries for the shock treatment, and even with Anderson ripping t the mask, he hits it, but he can’t keep Anderson down for the three count. Anderson kicks at Abyss’ knee, and he climbs to the middle rope. Anderson jumps off, but gets caught in chokeslam position. Anderson messes with Abyss’ mask, blinding Abyss and almost causing him to chokeslam the referee. Anderson kicks the back of Abyss’ leg, hits the mic check, and pins Abyss, scoring the three count.

Winner and Advancing to the Finals of the 8 Card Stud Tournament: Mr. Anderson


Christy Hemme is backstage with AJ Styles, and AJ says obviously Hemme wanted to be with he Valentine. Styles says he’s beat Joe before, and he’ll beat him again. Styles spouts off a ton of stuff about how he’s the greatest wrestler ever, before talking about how expensive his earring is. The camera pans over and Flair says he feels better because he knows Bischoff will call the match down the middle.


Eric Bischoff is shown backstage. He runs into Hogan. Hogan says he knows what Bischoff is up to, 15 years of animosity, Eric needs to let it go. Bischoff says it’s over. Hogan says the talent has to depend on him and Bischoff, so it’s up to Eric to call it down the middle, even if he doesn’t want to. Bischoff looks really disappointed and says ‘dammit’. Bischoff is the first man out to the ring, to a somewhat mixed reaction.

TNA Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is shown backstage walking toward the entrance ramp, pounding on his Feast or Fired briefcase. His music hits, and Joe makes his way to the ring, to a warm reception.

Styles is shown backstage being hyped up by Flair. Styles is in a robe reminiscent of one of Flair’s signature robes, only with a hood. Flair says AJ is Stylin’ and Profilin’. Styles music hits and the Champion makes his way to the ring with Flair in tow. AJ still gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

The bell rings and this one is started. Both men lock up, and Joe backs AJ up, but AJ reverses it. Joe goes to punch AJ, but AJ bails to the floor. Styles makes his way back into the ring, and we he knees Joe instead of locking up. Styles locks in a headlock, and takes Joe down to his knees. Joe fights out and rocks AJ with a shoulderblock. AJ tries for another shoulderblock, and gets rocked yet again. AJ teases a third, but punches Joe instead. Joe responds with a huge shoulderblock. Joe beats on AJ in the corner with a series of jabs and kicks. Joe hits a running elbow, and a big kick, knocking AJ down to the mat.

Joe hits a running high knee in the corner, but it’s only good for a one count from Bischoff. AJ starts to mount a comeback, hitting a jawbreaker, and a chop, but Joe catches AJ with a huge leg lariat out of nowhere. Joe takes AJ off his feet with a big chop. A kick to the chest takes AJ off his feet, another to the back of the leg staggers him, but another attempt results in a dragon screw from AJ. Styles goes to work, stomping at Joe’s knee while Flair screams ‘the knee’.

AJ continues to work over Joe’s leg, stomping away at the ankle. Styles tries for the figure four, but Joe kicks him off and to the outside. Joe follows out with a suicide forearm that knocks AJ back into the barricade and Joe is favoring his knee. Joe sends AJ back into the ring, and he follows. AJ begs off and rolls to the outside and when Joe follows, AJ pokes him in the eye and mounts an offense. AJ catches Joe with a chop, sends him into the ring post, and stomps away at him. AJ looks under the ring, and instead he pulls up some of the ringside padding.

AJ tries for a suplex on the exposed concrete, but Joe blocks, and tries for one of his own. AJ reverses, but Joe responds with a big chop that takes AJ down. Styles rolls back into the ring, and Joe stares down and stalks Flair for a bit. Joe rolls back into the ring, and falls victim to a dropkick to the jaw. AJ hits an elbow to the back of Joe’s head and locks in a rear chin lock.

Joe and Styles trade blows, with Styles getting the advantage thanks to a beautiful dropkick. AJ takes Joe into the corner and he hits a series of chops, but Joe turns it around and hits a couple of his own. Styles turns it around, hits a couple more of his own chops, and takes Joe down with a big forearm to the side of the head. The crowd seems split right down the middle on this one. AJ puts Joe on the top turnbuckle, and he goes up, trying for a hurricarana. Joe blocks, and comes off the middle turnbuckle with a leaping leg lariat, but it’s only good for a two count.

oe sends Styles into the corner, and when Styles dodges a splash, Joe responds with a huge uranage. AJ fights back, taking Joe down and wailing on him with a couple of big rights. Bischoff takes AJ off of Joe, and that allows Flair to slam Joe’s knee against the ring post. Styles clips Joe’s knee from behind, and he goes to work on the knee with a trio of elbow drops.

Styles continues to stomp at Joe’s knee, kicking, wrenching and hitting knee drops. Styles locks in a modified indian deathlock into a backbridge. Joe knocks AJ away, but AJ goes right back to Joe, locking in the figure four.

Joe almost ends up with his shoulders on the mat for a pin, but he’s able to kick out at two. Flair adds leverage to the hold, and Bischoff catches it, breaking up the hold. Styles hits a couple of chops, but when he charges Joe, Joe backdrops him to the outside.

Joe ducks a punch from AJ, and hits a couple of big clotheslines. AJ tries for a high risk move, but he jumps into an inverted atomic drop. Joe is a house of fire and he goes for the pin, but he only gets two. Snap powerslam from Joe but it’s still not good enough for three and Joe is starting to get frustrated. Joe works over AJ in the corner with a couple of strikes. AJ ends up on the apron, but he comes back in with a springboard forearm. AJ goes right back to work with closed fists to Joe’s face. Joe comes back with a series of open hand slaps, but when he charges Styles, he eats an elbow, and a moonsault inverted DDT, but it’s still only good enough for two for Styles.

Styles teases the Styles clash, but Joe reverses out into the rear naked choke. Joe turns it into an amazing suplex, sending AJ overhead. Joe places AJ on the top turnbuckle, and he sets up the musclebuster, connecting, but Bischoff is distracted with Flair. Bischoff clocks Flair on the floor. Joe pulls Bischoff in the ring, and they argue. Joe turns around into the Pele kick from Styles. Styles clash, rolled over into a pin, and a very slow count from Bischoff still results in a three count.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: AJ Styles

After the match, Flair gets on the mic and demands that Bischoff raise Styles’ hand. Styles and Flair celebrate on their way to the back.

– We get a re-cap of the events of tonight leading up to this match. This is the third match of the night for each man, so it should be interesting to see how energetic both are.


Christy Hemme is backstage alongside Mr. Anderson. Anderson says he’s going to make this short and sweet. He says he’s all about checking things off his personal bucket list. Beat Kurt Angle, check. Put Abyss away once and for all, check. Send Pope back to the Harlem Street corner where he belongs, you might as well check it. Anderson is one match away from a title shot. Anderson says the Pope better say his prayers, because he’s about to be excommunicated by… you know.


JB is with Dinero. Pope says that Anderson holds no status with Pope, and he doesn’t respect it, so he’ll call Anderson, Junior. Pope says tonight he’ll step in the ring, and everyone will declare that the Pope’s prophecies are true. Pope says he’s going to give Anderson two slaps, and the DDE, Pope is jumped by Hall and Syxx Pac, who beat on Pope an slam him into the TNA set. Hall says they heard Hogan was having a party, then he says don’t turn your back on the WolfPac.

8 Card Stud Finals
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Mr. Anderson

Pope’s music hits first, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be making it out in this one. His music is cut, and the announcers play dumb. Anderson’s music hits, and he makes his way to the ring.

The referee rings the bell, and Anderson tells him to count. The referee starts the ten count. Pope finally crawls out at 7, but Anderson charges down the ramp with a big clothesline. Anderson breaks the count again, and beats on the Pope some more on the ring apron. Anderson catches Pope with a right hand, and he goes back to break the count yet again.

Anderson continues to pound away on Pope and he brags about how easy it is. Pope catches Anderson with a slap, and this one’s turned into a match. Pope and Anderson fight down to the floor and both men finally make it into the ring. Anderson immediately bails and the fight spills to the ringside area. Anderson catches Pope with a knee and a blow across the back before launching Pope into the ring steps. Anderson breaks the count.

Styles and Flair are shown watching in the back. Anderson pounds on Dinero on the outside before breaking the count again. Anderson makes his way back into the ring and allows the ref to count, but Dinero makes it back to the apron, where he’s immediately knocked off by Anderson.

Pope is able to make it back to the apron again, and this time he catches Anderson with a shoulder to the gut. Pope starts to come back with a couple of strikes, but when he goes for a suplex, he’s not able to connect, and Anderson reverses it instead. Anderson goes for the pin, but he only gets two. Anderson sends Pope flying into the corner, and follows it up with a kick to the top of the head.

Pope comes back with a slap and a small package, but Anderson kicks out and is right back on the offensive. Anderson tries for a couple of covers, but he can’t hold Pope down. Anderson chokes Pope on the bottom rope. Pope blocks Anderson and sends him into the corner, coming in with a series of rights and lefts, but Anderson is quick to fight back with a bevy of strikes of his own. Anderson again chokes at Pope. Anderson locks in a rear chin lock.

Pope fights out, and he’s able to duck a couple of clotheslines, but Anderson catches him with a knee. Anderson tries for another pin, but he still can’t keep Dinero down. Anderson stomps away at Pope, just continuing to work over the ribs. Anderson hits a short arm clothesline, but it’s still only good for a near fall.

fight back up to his feet. Pope fights out of the submission with elbows and a series of forearms. He takes Anderson down with a clothesline. Pope hits an inverted atomic drop and follows it up with a shoulder block. Pope hits a suplex, and follows it up with a German suplex. He tries for another, but Anderson fights out. Pope hits an STO, but he only gets a two count. Anderson cuts off Pope with a knee to the midsection and a clubbing blow to the back. Pope comes out of nowhere with the 4 Up. Pope hits the double knees to the chest, but Anderson kicks out at two.

Anderson comes back with a big clothesline, and he calls down the microphone. He says the crowd is one mic check away from the next number one contender. Anderson goes for the mic check, and connects. Anderson pins Pope, but Pope kicks out at two, and Anderson looks shocked.

Anderson flips out, hits a Finlay roll, goes to the top, and tries for a swanton bomb, but Pope moves out of the way. Pope dodges a charging Anderson and he responds with a double knees to the back. Pope pins Anderson, and this one is over. We have a new Number 1 Contender.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender: D’Angelo Dinero

Pope celebrates, to the delight of the fans, while those fake Pope dollars rain down from the ceiling.





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    Good story line !! Pope is pimpin ..Ok TNA ur doing better just keep it up

  • daniel akpan

    Keep it up TNA, you are soon to be No. 1. Great line all the way

  • daniel akpan

    TNA keeps getting better. This is good

  • Thomas

    tna is not good its just ok they r trying to do the same thing WCW did to the wwe and it’s gunna work for awhile then go bye bye cause vince has the money to keep the company going dixie carter and her daddy dont they can for a decde or 2 but not that much longer

  • NICK


  • thomas

    yes they cant tell the stories like vinces crew can but u gotta admit A.J. Styles and Samoa Joes matches r sweet without the addition of flair

  • justin w

    What good story lines has wwe made in the past few years are you guys crazy with the guest hosts every week and PG rating there’s no comparison between tna and wwe’s story lines

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