TNA iMPACT Report – 2/11/10

TNA iMPACT Report – February 11th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We begin tonight’s show with a look back at the issues between Eric Bischoff and Mick Foley since the biggest night in the history of January 2010. We see footage from last week’s match between Mick Foley and Kevin Nash followed by Hall and Waltman’s attack on Kevin Nash.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Taz and Mike ‘What Better Way to Say I Love You to that special someone than to watch Against All Odds on Valentine’s Day’ Tenay.

It is that time so Hulk Hogan comes to the ring and he has something to say. Hogan welcomes everyone to the Impact Zone brother. Hogan says that he made the right decision to come to TNA. He says that he has his swagger back because everyone is talking about TNA. Hogan says that his brothers up North are talking about TNA too. Because of the TNAmaniacs, they have made this the ‘in place’ to be. Hogan says that he feels cool again. Hogan says that the Impact Zone is on full lockdown and he has security at all of the doors. Hogan says that Hall and Waltman are on the outside jack. Hogan says that what happened to Nash was not the way to do things so everything is on lockdown. If Hall or Waltman make their way in, he will do whatever it takes, even put on the yellow and red and get in the ring.

Eric Young comes to the ring and he has something to say but he is not wearing the same suits that he is used to wearing. Eric points out that Hogan doesn’t know him that well, but he is close with Kevin Nash. Eric says that good friends are hard to find. He asks Hogan for a favor to allow Hall and Waltman into the Impact Zone so they can get what they deserver. Eric says that he has never been afraid to get his hands dirty.

Hogan wants to know if it is his turn to talk. He tells Eric that even though he has just been here for a short period of time, he isn’t a newcomer. Hogan points out what Eric has done with Team Canada, the World Elite and the Global Title. Hogan says that Eric was one of the reasons why he came to TNA to help take TNA to where they should be. Hogan says that he gave The Band their last warning so it is a done deal.

Eric says that there are few people he respects more than Hulk Hogan so he will tell Hogan to his face that if they aren’t going to let them in, he will do what Kevin and the people in the Impact Zone would do. He is going to go to them. Hogan tells Eric that he isn’t going to do it on his watch. He tells Eric to do it outside and off the property and bust them up real bad.

Mick Foley is walking in the back and he wants to know if Eric Bischoff is here. Foley is told that Bischoff is here and in his office. Foley walks into a commercial.

We are back and it is still daytime in Orlando as Hall and Waltman are trying to sneak into the building.

We see footage of the previous Dinero/Jordan match as well as Dinero’s win over A.J. Styles last week.

Match Number One: Orlando Jordan versus D’Angelo Dinero in an 8 Card Stud Tournament Qualifying Match

They lock up and Dinero with a clean break. They lock up again and Dinero works on the arm but Jordan with a knee and punches followed by an elbow. Dinero with a hip toss and arm drag for a near fall. Dinero with elbows to the head and then he finishes with a punch to the head. Jordan gets to the ropes but Dinero continues with punches. Jordan with a thumb to the eye and Jordan returns to the knee and hits a drop kick. Jordan with forearms and knees followed by a swinging neck breaker. Jordan with an uranage back breaker. Jordan with jabs to Dinero and then he misses a punch but Dinero with punches and he takes Jordan down to the mat. Dinero with a reverse atomic drop followed by a flying forearm. Dinero with chops to Jordan and then he hits the splash into the ropes and Dinero goes to the floor and when he returns to the ring, he gets a near fall. Jordan with a spinebuster for a near fall. Jordan with punches in the corner but Dinero with punches of his own and then Dinero with the Elijah Experience for the three count.
Winner: D’Angelo Dinero

Jeff Jarrett enters the Bischoffice and Jeff asks Eric if he saw his match with Ken Anderson. Jeff says that they have been around the business for a while. He expected to meet with Hulk, but then he is put in a match with Ken Anderson after a lot of time away from the ring. Eric says that he can’t think of a match in the last ten years that he enjoyed more than the Anderson/Jarrett match. Eric says that he miscalculated and did not comprehend how much Jeff means to the company. Eric says that Jeff is a world class athlete. Jeff says that he has wanted to build on the trust between them. Jeff asks for one of the two open slots in the 8 Card Stud Tournament. Eric says that wants to get the most out of the athletes, but also protect them. Eric says that he doesn’t think that Jeff is ready to return to the ring. Eric asks Jeff if winning the tournament and getting the number one contender spot is ‘starting at the bottom’. Eric tells Jeff that he needs to get to the gym and be the exemplary employee. Eric tells Jeff no and Jeff walks away.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Suicide versus Matt Morgan in an 8 Card Stud Tournament Qualifying Match

They lock up and Morgan backs Suicide into the corner. Suicide with kicks to the leg and a drop kick that staggers Morgan. Morgan catches Suicide and hits a fallaway slam. Morgan sends Suicide into the turnbuckles and then Morgan with elbows in the corner. Morgan with a splash and then he picks up Suicide and drops him. Morgan with a head butt and Suicide falls onto the top rope and Morgan hits his splash and goes to the floor. Morgan returns to the ring and misses a splash into the corner. Suicide drops Morgan on the top rope and hits a springboard drop kick and gets a near fall. Suicide with punches but Morgan grabs Suicide by the throat. Suicide lands on his feet on a choke slam attempt. Morgan with the Carbon Footprint for the three count.
Winner: Matt Morgan

Mick Foley knocks on the door to the Bischoffice and he comes in and Mick is very humble. Eric knows who Foley is before Mick talks about what Eric told him last week. Mick says that he is willing to be on board as long as JB and Abyss will be taken care of in TNA. Eric says that he didn’t expect to see Mick and he says that it had to be tough. Eric says that Mick can be an asset. Eric says that they are fine. Eric says that Abyss gets one of the slots in the 8 Card Stud Tournament. Eric says that he has the perfect opponent for Abyss and it is a former champion. That person is Mick Foley. Eric tells Foley that he has to get rid of the flannel because it is ‘so 70s’ but Foley says that it is more 80s or 90s. Eric says that if there are any shenanigans during their match, Abyss will lose his mask. Eric tells Foley not to cross them. Eric says that he amazes himself as we go to commercial.

Eric Young is pacing in the back in front of a camera while Taz and Tenay talk before we go back to commercial.

We see the graphic with the eight men in the tournament. The first round matches are Dinero/Wolfe; Hernandez/Morgan; Anderson/Angle; and Foley/Abyss.

Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson are in the dressing room with Christy Hemme. Christy mentions that Kurt and Ken will be opponents on Sunday. Ken says that he has been in the ring with people he has had to carry in the past so his partner or opponent does not matter. Ken says that he will blow through each of his opponents on Sunday and he will be the next TNA Champion.

Angle stares at Anderson and he says that he doesn’t know what Ken’s intentions are but he will have eyes in the back of his head and if Ken screws him like Hogan screwed him, he will snap Anderson’s ankle.

Angle leaves and a mic comes down from the ceiling and Ken Anderson reminds us what his name is.

We go to commercial.

Eric Young is now in the locker room and Kurt Angle tells him that it is good that he is going to stand up for Kevin Nash, but Angle says that Hogan is probably involved. Angle tells Young to stay there and worry about his career in TNA. Angle says that he is doing it for Kevin.

Match Number Three: Amazing Red versus Doug Williams for the X Division Title

Williams goes for the leg but Red with an enzuigiri and he punches Williams. Red with a drop kick to the knees and then he hits a running knee that sends Williams to the floor. Red goes to the apron but Williams gets back into the ring. Red with a sunset flip attempt but Williams drops down for a near fall. Red and Williams with near falls. Red tries for a wheelbarrow move but Williams drives Red into the mat multiple times. Williams gets a near fall. Williams with a snap mare and figure four head scissors. Doug drives Red’s head into the mat when he turns over on the head scissors. Williams with a European uppercut. Williams with a knee drop for a near fall. Williams with an Irish whip and a running knee into the corner. Williams goes up top but he takes too long and Red with a kick that sends Williams to the floor. Red with a corkscrew plancha onto Williams. Red goes up top and hits a missile drop kick but only gets a two count. Red with a drop kick into Williams’ back and then he hits a spin kick and gets another two count. Red tries for a rana but Williams blocks it. Red gets a near fall with a rollup followed by a kick to the head. Red goes up top for a Swanton but Williams moves out of the way. Williams sends Red into the ring post and then he hits Chaos Theory for the three count.
Winner: Doug Williams

We go to commercial.

Velvet, Madison, and Lacey are walking in the back and then they stop for a second before walking some more. Back to commercials.

We are back and Christy Hemme is with Tara and Angelina Love to ask them about their match and working together. Angelina says that there is a history between them. She says that she didn’t like Tara when she came to TNA but that is in the past. Angelina says that since they had each other’s back so it won’t be any different. Christy asks them if they have any strategy. Tara says that it will get ugly tonight. Angelina adds real ugly to the description.

Match Number Three: Angelina Love and Tara versus Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, and Lacey Von Erich with dance routine entrance

Velvet and Tara start things off but Tara decides to tag in Angelina and Velvet leaves the ring. Angelina hits Lacey who comes up behind Angelina on the floor. Angelina attacks Madison on the apron but Velvet pulls Angelina in and punches Angelina. Velvet with a snap mare and kick to the back followed by a choke. Angelina wants to kick Velvet but Velvet sees it coming and she leaves the ring. Angelina grabs Madison by the hair and brings her in. Tara tags in and she hits a slingshot sunset flip for a near fall. Tara with arm drags followed by a kick and snap suplex and float over into a guillotine choke. Tara tries to pulls Madison off the ropes and succeeds. Madison goes to the floor and she talks to her partners. They stand with THEIR BACKS TO THE RING and Angelina and Tara with drop kicks. We go to commercial.

We are back and Tara chops Madison. Lacey grabs Tara’s leg and that distraction allows Madison to hit Tara from behind and kick her. It turns into a three on one situation and then Velvet pulls Tara up while standing on her hair. Lacey tags in and she does a back flip off the turnbuckle and hits an elbow drop. Lacey then slams Tara’s head into the mat and tags Madison back in. Madison with a forearm but we get a double clothesline and both are down. Angelina and Velvet are in and Angelina with punches and kicks for all three women. Angelina with a spear to Velvet but things break down. Madison gets on Tara’s back and the referee has no clue of what is going on. Angelina with a bicycle kick on Velvet but the referee misses Lacey hitting Angelina with the ugly stick and Velvet gets the three count.
Winners: Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich

After the match, Lacey hits Tara in the knee and chest with the ugly stick.

Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe in the back and she asks Desmond about his tag match later tonight. Desmond quotes Forest Gump and then says that is bollocks. He says that life is like a poker game. Desmond says that some might see the tag match as four of a kind. Desmond says that he will come out on top tonight. Desmond comments on the three other people in the match with him. He says that he has proven how dangerous he is and says that they will be lucky to get to the match on Sunday.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the sun has finally gone down at the Impact Zone Compound but Waltman and Hall are still trying to get in.

Match Number Four: Desmond Wolfe and Hernandez versus Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson

Anderson and Hernandez start things off and Anderson kicks Hernandez in the leg but Hernandez with a body block. Hernandez with a Stinger Splash into the corner. Hernandez takes his shirt off and he uses it to biel Anderson across the ring. Anderson escapes the power bomb attempt and tags in Angle. They lock up and Angle with a hammer lock but Hernandez with a reversal and Angle gets to the ropes. Wolfe kicks Angle in the upper chest while the ref was not looking. Wolfe tag in and he takes Angle down as he continues to work on the arm. Wolfe with a wrist lock take down and he continues to hold on to the wrist. Angel with a German suplex and Hernandez is tagged in and he hits the slingshot shoulder block. Hernandez with a drop down back breaker with Angle on his shoulder. Hernandez gets a near fall. Wolfe tags himself back in and Angle punches Wolfe. Wolfe with a knee to the midsection followed by a European uppercut. Wolfe works on the arm again and he works on the bicep. Angle counters with an ankle lock. Anderson gets into the ring and distracts the referee so he does not see Wolfe tap but he could probably hear it. Wolfe sends Angle into the turnbuckles and Hernandez tags in. Angle with an Irish whip and running clothesline. Hernandez with a kick and then he pulls himself up to the turnbuckles but Angle hits the run the turnbuckles suplex and both men are down. Anderson acts like he wants the tag but he leaves the apron. Wolfe tags in and he hits a flying clothesline and elbow. Angel with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then Angle knocks Anderson off the apron. Angle clotheslines Hernandez over the top rope. Wolfe with a hammer lock DDT but he can only get a two count. Wolfe tries for the Tower of London but Angle lands on his feet and Angle with the Olympic Slam and then Anderson tags in and throws Angle out of the ring before getting the three count.
Winners: Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson

Samoa Joe is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Samoa Joe comes to the ring. Joe says that he came out for one reason and that is to speak to A.J. Styles. He wants A.J. to come out so they can have a little chat.

A.J. comes out and he is joined by Ric Flair.

Joe tells A.J. that he disgusts him and he cannot believe that he is saying that. Joe reminds A.J. that he has known him a long time. When it came to the two best in the world it was Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles. Joe tells A.J. that they didn’t rest on their laurels. They came out every night and gave everything in the ring for the fans. Joe says that the most epic clashes in the ring involved them. Joe says that A.J. gave that all up. He says that A.J. was always a warrior and gave everything in the ring and he earned what he got. Joe says that when Kurt Angle came out to find out who the best in the world was, it was A.J. who took the short cut.

Flair says that he wasn’t going to talk but he reminds Joe that A.J. is the champ. Flair says that all of you will learn the word respect.

Joe tells Flair that he can try to strut to the ring to teach him respect, but Flair will be limping to the hospital. Joe tells A.J. that he was the last pure thing in the company. Joe tells A.J. that he cheated the fans out of what they wanted.

A.J. asks Joe because he has turned more coats than a dry cleaner. A.J. points out that Joe was part of the Frontline followed by the Main Event Mafia and then the Nation of Violence. A.J. asks Joe how things are going. A.J. wants to know who Joe is to judge him.

Joe says that there is one difference between them. Joe says that he stood up in the face of whoever came into TNA to shake up the place while A.J. dropped to his knees and puckered up to his new sugar daddy.

Styles comes into the ring and Joe attacks Styles and then he chops Styles and tries for a muscle buster but Flair comes into the ring and hits a low blow on Joe. Flair punches Joe while Styles kicks Joe in the groin. Styles holds Joe and Flair punches Joe. The referees come to the ring and they point to the back. Flair tells the referees to shut up and then he asks Joe if he understands.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the crowd cheering about something before we go back to commercial.

We see A.J. Styles getting ready to leave the building and Eric Bischoff stops him and asks him if he is proud of what he did. A.J. says that it was phenomenal. Eric says that he knows that Flair has a limo full for Styles, but Eric tells A.J. that since the match on Sunday is so important and with the recent finishes, there needs to be a special referee who can call it straight down the middle. Eric says that he is going to be the guest referee. A.J. finds his phone and says that there is a problem.

We go through the card for Against All Odds.

Kurt Angle starts to go outside but Hogan stops him. Angle says that he knew they couldn’t trust Hogan. Hogan says that if Angle is so hell bent on getting his ass kicked, it will happen in his house. When they beat Angle down, maybe someone will be able to help Angle. Hogan tells Angle to go into the ring. Angle says that he figures that Hogan will be in there with Hall and Waltman.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is in the ring and he says that he is not going to do anything until Hall and Waltman come into the ring. Waltman comes through the crowd and he is followed by Hall. Angle punches Waltman and kicks him. Angle with more punches and Waltman acts like a fish out of water. Angle punches Hall and puts Hall in the ankle lock. Waltman hits Angle from behind with brass knuckles. Waltman gives them to Hall and Hall punches Angle. Hall punches Angle in the back and then Waltman with a knee to the head. Waltman holds Angle and Hall punches him.

Hogan’s music plays and Hall breaks Rule #2 by standing around. Waltman with a few knees to Angle before he breaks Rule #2. They point to Hogan as Hogan walks to the ring. Hogan takes off his watch and he enters the ring after Waltman and Hall hold the ropes for him. They do their nWo hand deal and then Hall gives Hogan the brass knuckles. Hall and Waltman hold Angle and Hogan punches Hall and Waltman. Angle makes his way to his knees and he stares at Hogan.

We go to credits.