Ring Rust Review: TNA 2.0

Now I will admit that when I heard about the big change coming to TNA last year and that change involved Old Man Hogan and Uncle Eric I was a bet skeptical. More so with Hulk, I knew what was coming from him and I was right. Now bringing in this influx of oh let’s just call them “veteran” talent might make some grown, in fact some have already nicknamed this new era WCW 2.0. Now kids let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First off with the exception of the last couple of years there was nothing wrong with WCW, admit it you were an NWO mark and you loved it. Yes WCW did bring in the WWE cast offs but they used them well (some more well then others). These “veterans” had some great feuds, anyone remember Savage vs. DDP, how about the feud that started with Henning slamming Ric Flair’s head with a cage door, or the long feud with Hogan and Piper. You guys were watching or someone was because the ratings were very high. Now granted there is some difference a lot of these guys who jumped ship in WCW only had a couple of months of off time and were still able to perform, as opposed to oh the Nasty Boys of today who literally look like their next move could be their last. That being said there is nothing wrong with bringing in “veterans” if they are used right hey if they can’t wrestle fine put them in front of a mic and cut a mean promo. However if they can still wrestle why not, yes there is that argument about “keeping the younger guy down”. A prime example is Shawn Michaels, yes he likes to take long vacations but so what if you have been doing it this long you’d want a vacation to, he has earned it. Say what you want about keeping people down he can still out perform and out promo most of the locker room (and I mean any locker room). Bottom line there is a certain time and place and circumstance for “veterans” to be utilized, Vince knows this, and Hogan doesn’t have a clue. What caused (among other things) the demise of WCW was not the “veteran” wrestlers’ it was the backstage politics of said “veterans” and others as well. Now as long as Dixie holds her ground and doesn’t let the Hogan machine get to crazy things should be fine, but she has to be strong and stay in charge.
Now on to dear Uncle Eric, I think bringing him in was a very wise investment for TNA. You see unlike Hogan Eric has a strong mind for wrestling as well as marketing, which is a modern day equivalent to the old time promoter. Eric made WCW into a force able to compete with WWE both domestically and internationally. Now here is the problem, back then Eric had Ted Turner and more importantly Ted’s money to play around with, he doesn’t have that cash cow anymore. The big questions on my mind is can Eric up the ratings of TNA without being able to spend the big money or were all his accomplishments based on the fact he had a bottomless checkbook? Now I do not know the full extent of Dixie and company’s agreement with Hogan or Bischoff, but if I had to choose the lesser of two evils I’d go with Bischoff. Now after reading the last few sentences one would think I was a big fan of Eric Bischoff, well no, but I know a smart man when I see one. That is not to say Hogan is dump just clueless on what it takes to run a wrestling company not just in the ring but also every other aspect of it “brother”. I don’t know what the future holds for TNA or if this new era will work out. For me I’m not a huge fan of it, but WWE isn’t really burning it up either and yet I still watch that car wreck. I guess I’m just a optimistic wrestling fan. I’ll keep watching and going to house shows because I love this stuff and I know you guys love it to or you wouldn’t complain and want better from it. That’s’ it for now so until next time be safe and as always let’s watch.




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  • The English Teacher

    Your grammar is sub-par

  • Jabbawocky

    Dude, could you please break up the article into paragraphs. One large block is hard to absorb.

  • PowerUp 5000

    Good points made ..I don’t think the Hogan era will do TNA any good to many old vets and TNA looks like WCW jr

  • shyboy

    I want wwe to be tv 14 again like tna… Tna is better than wwe now ocourse duh

  • jabroni

    TNA could come up if they wanted to. They need to use their talent wisely. The company has the advantage of being fresh. Eventhough they seem to have too many people stirring the pot, they should use it to their advantage. For example, Hogan is a favorite. TNA needs to exploit that. AJ Styles was gaining momentum as a face. Flair is being misused. They could’ve used him with Joe. So much wasted talent. Just my humble opinion.

  • Dan Interlandi

    just wanted to say sorry to everyone for the article coming out all in one block, it was separated into paragraphs honest; lol, thought i edited it.

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