The Dog Pound – What’s “NXT” For The WWE Pt. 1

The WWE has finally decided that they have had enough with the demoralizing and degrading of the ECW letters, and are prepared to bring us their “NXT” innovative product. I don’t know about all of you, but I have mixed feelings about this situation.

The letters ECW as we once knew them, died long ago. The element of extreme, un-wavering passion truly left as soon as the promotion was purchased by the WWE. However, because the passion for the ECW product was still present through fans worldwide, it was brought to the attention of Vince McMahon to possibly revive the letters. We all knew it wouldn’t last, but there were indeed times when it looked as though the ECW brand was a legit brand.

To be honest, there has been quite a few solid matches in the revival of ECW. Matches between CM Punk and John Morrison, Morrison and Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin, I could go on. However, the fact remains that ECW is officially over. Which of course lends the question, what’s next for the brand; and more importantley what’s in store for all those ECW stars that are soon-to-be free agents?

The ECW champion Christian made his way onto Raw this past Monday, in a losing effort to WWE champion Sheamus. This is one of those catch-22 situations. On one hand, you don’t want Sheamus to appear weak, after all he is our WWE champion. On the other hand, Christian shouldn’t appear weak either, after all he was on the top of ECW and IS a champion. Christian is one person that I’m afraid for. I have a feeling that after ECW officially ends, Christian will find himself buried once again in the mid-card of the Raw roster. To me, Christian is main event material, and having been able to carry the entire ECW brand, I think he has more than proven himself.

Now, Raw may not be a bad place for Christian overall, whether or not Edge comes to Raw in the draft is really irrelevent. I enjoy the distance between the two for right now, that way when Edge and Christian do get together to tag or feud, it’ll be great! But, this is a column for the people so I want to know what you all think. Should Christian go to either Raw or Smackdown?

What about the rest of the roster? I have a feeling that a lot of them may find themselves on the “future endevored” list. After all, there usually is quite a few releases before and after Wrestlemania. I expect that Trent Baretta and Caylen Croft will be fine, as they are a new and very dynamic tag team. Smackdown would be a good fit for them right now. However, I see guys like Goldust, Tyler Reks, Tony Atlas, and even possibly Gregory Helms getting the slip. That’s okay for Helms though, he’d be an amazing fit in TNA.

There are people on the roster though that I am worried for. Guys like Benjamin, William Regal, even Yoshi Tatsu (who has been amazing to watch since his debut). I guess only time will tell what the WWE can and will do with these guys. And, what role will Tiffany now play in the company?

That’s all for now peeps. I’ll be back sometime soon with part 2 where I want to examine the possibilities of what the WWE can do with their new show, and the talent that may be involved. Feel free to shoot an email as always!!


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