Ric Flair Opening Gyms, Update on Steiner’s TNA Departure and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Regarding Scott Steiner’s departure from TNA this past week, his contract with the company expired and he wasn’t offered a new contract.

– Ric Flair is looking to open a gym and wrestling school in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. Flair owned several Gold’s Gyms years ago, and when he sold them, he had a non-compete clause which ran out at the end of last year.

– There are conflicting reports regarding Alissa Flash’s departure from TNA. It’s said that she was frustrated with TNA not using her on a regular basis. The speculation is that she asked for her release or TNA made the decision to let her go. Some feel her departure was due to the incident with Awesome Kong because they are good friends. Flash parted ways with TNA on January 21st.

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