Hogan Turning Heel?, Angle’s Work Schedule, Bischoff & Title Contenders

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Hulk Hogan claimed on the Bubba the Love Sponge show this week that he would be turning heel soon. Hogan also said he didn’t want his daughter Brooke to become a character in wrestling.

– Eric Bischoff has came up with the idea of doing ratings for top TNA contenders to justify them getting World Heavyweight Title shots. The Against All Odds countdown show last week saw the debut of the rating system.

– Kurt Angle has been wanting a reduction in his TNA work schedule.

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  • Killa Rob

    Hasn’t ppl already been booing Hogan doesn’t matter lol

  • Thomas

    hogan and bischoff r killing TNA they should be booed the six sides of steel gone the whole backstage beatings with “the Band” its getting to be as boring as the old AWA wrestling was. i mean doing the screw job just because bret hart came back to WWE. The Hogan era is going to be dead and gone Bischoff is doing more of the Boss role then hogan is

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