ECW on SyFy Report – February 9th

ECW on SyFy Report – February 9th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We are live on tape from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and your announcers are Josh ‘At least I have the interviewing deal’ Mathews and Byron ‘Find this man a spot on Raw or Smackdown to do announcing’ Saxton.

We start off with the members of ECW in a meeting waiting for Tiffany to arrive. She tells everyone about the fact that ECW is done in two weeks. She says that it is not a bad thing, it is a great thing. She reminds everyone that they are free agents but they can be part of the Next Evolution of the WWE. Tiffany says that she hasn’t always seen eye to eye with everyone but she was proud to be the general manager. Tiffany tells everyone to have a great show and make the next two weeks a chance to impress everyone. She tells everyone to seize the day and have fun. Tiffany then puts on some beads and drinks a Hurricane before leaving.

Zack wants to know where she is going and Tiffany mentions that Mardi Gras is this week and the Saints won the Super Bowl so she is going to party.

We see footage from last night when the Shiz defeated the Straight Edge Society and Generation Next to become the new Unified Tag Team Champions.

Match Number One: Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust versus Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft in a Number One Contender Match for the Unified Tag Titles

Goldust and Barreta start things off and Goldust works on the arm and he punches Barreta and then hits a hip toss before tagging in Yoshi. Yoshi with a chop to Barreta for a near fall. Yoshi continues to work on the arm and he connects with a shoulder tackle. Barreta with a rollup but Yoshi counters with a near fall of his own. Yoshi with an arm drag into an arm bar. Croft tags in after Barreta punches Yoshi in the corner. Croft with punches to Yoshi and he gets a near fall. Croft with a forearm and then he tags Barreta back in. Trent with a running back elbow for a near fall. Barreta with a reverse chin lock followed by a knee and forearm to the back. Barreta with an Irish whip and then Yoshi sends Barreta into the turnbuckles when he charges. Goldust tags in and he hits the drop down uppercut followed by a running boot to the head. Goldust goes after Barreta on the floor and Croft made the blind tag and that allows Croft to clip Goldust when Goldust waits for Barreta to come out of the ropes. Croft does his fist pumping in the air before we go to commercial.

We are back and Barreta tags back in and he continues to work on Goldust’s leg. Croft with a quick tag and he continues to work on Goldust. Goldust with a kick and then his leg gives out when Croft Irish whips him. Croft continues to work on the elg and then when the referee deals with Croft and Yoshi, Barreta slams Goldust’s leg into the apron. Trent tags back in and they make a wish with Goldust before Trent gets a near fall. Trent with an Indian Death Lock on Goldust and Goldust tries to summon the power to escape and he punches Trent to get out of the hold. Barreta with a dragon screw leg whip and Croft punches air on the apron. Croft tags in and he kicks Goldust in the hamstring before dropping a knee to the leg. Goldust with punches to Croft and Barreta but Goldust is sent into the corner as Barreta tags back in and connects with a knee in the corner. Barreta continues to work on the leg and he gets a near fall on Goldust. Croft is tagged back in and he gets a near fall on Goldust for a near fall. Barreta is tagged back in and Trent slingshots in and then he face washes Goldust. Barreta with a step over toe hold but Goldust sends Trent into the corner to escape. Goldust tries to fight out of a front face lock and Trent knocks Yoshi to the floor. Goldust with a back body drop but Yoshi was not on the apron. Trent with a rollup but Goldust with a power slam and then Goldust makes the tag and so does Croft. Yoshi with a drop kick and spinning heel kick to Croft followed by a back body drop and kicks. Yoshi with the double knees followed by a rolling mare into a kick for a near fall. Yoshi goes up top and hits the heel kick but Trent breaks up the cover. Goldust’s leg is fine as he hits a bulldog on Barreta. Yoshi with the round house kick on Croft for the three count.
Winners: Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust

Josh and Byron talk about the tag title match next week and then it is time to be reminded of the first official inductee into the 2010 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame. It is Ted DiBiase.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Ezekiel Jackson with William Regal versus Perry Wallace

Zeke laughs at his opponent as the bell rings and they lock up and Zeke sends Wallace down to the mat. Jackson lets Wallace punch him but Jackson runs Wallace into the turnbuckles and then he punches and kicks Wallace. Jackson with a biel to Wallace and then he waits for Wallace to get up. Jackson with a running clothesline and Wallace is not really moving too well. Jackson with the uranage for the three count.
Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

After the match, Regal gets on the mic and after hearing a few boos, he says that he hopes the general manager hasn’t fallen too far into her debauchery to listen to him. He says that the ECW Title match at the Royal Rumble was a travesty. He says that he never should have been ejected from ringside. He talks about the bias of the general manager as well as the fans. Regal says that Tiffany’s legacy will be making a travesty of everything and setting back the roles of women in the workplace back 25 years. Regal tells Tiffany that on the final show of ECW, she can do the right thing and give Ezekiel a rematch.

Zeke tells Christian that if he accepts the challenge, his reign as champion will end. Jackson says that as the final ECW champion, it will only be the beginning of the rise of his dominance. He then quotes the Book of Ezekiel.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

It is time to run through the card for the Elimination Chamber.

Byron and Josh talk about the challenge made by Ezekiel Jackson and it is time for Christian’s response. Christian says that he accepts the challenge, but he wants to do it big and as only ECW can. He wants to do it under Extreme Rules.

Before our main event, Shelton Benjamin gets on the mic and he starts off with a cheap pop that Mick Foley would be proud of. Shelton says that when he came to ECW, he was not happy because he was the gold standard and he says that he is too good and too talented for ECW. Then he got kicked in the head by Yoshi Tatsu and got pinned in ten seconds. Shelton says that was his wake up call and he saw the heart and passion from the guys in the back and they earned his respect every week. Shelton says that he made some friends he didn’t expect to make and he did some things that he didn’t expect to do. Shelton joins in with the Who Dats from the fans. Shelton says that he is going to miss everyone in the back with the exception of Vance Archer. Shelton says that Vance is the type of person to shake your hand only to wait to stab you in the back. Shelton reminds them of their No Disqualification match and he says that his last ECW memory will be wiping the smile off Vance’s face and hurting him like no one else has done before.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Shelton Benjamin versus Vance Archer in a No Disqualification and No Count Out Match

They lock up and Benjamin with a side head lock and a shoulder tackle. Archer backs into the corner and Shelton waits for him to emerge. Benjamin with a waist lock and Archer goes to his knees to escape but Benjamin with a side head lock. Benjamin with another shoulder tackle and Archer goes to the floor to regroup. Vance returns to the ring and they lock up again. Archer backs Benjamin into the corner and he punches Shelton and there is nothing the referee can do as Archer adds in some kicks. Benjamin with punches of his own followed by a back elbow. Benjamin with a rollup into a single leg crab. Archer makes it to the ropes and Archer wants Benjamin to release the hold but the referee reminds Archer that it is no disqualification. Archer goes up top but Benjamin with an enzuigiri and Archer goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Archer has a kendo stick and he tries to hit Shelton with it but Shelton uses a chair to block it. Benjamin winds up with the chair but he misses and hits the ring steps. Archer drops Benjamin onto the ringside barrier and he follows it with a boot to the head. Archer punches Benjamin and then he rolls Shelton back into the ring to get a near fall. Archer with a kick to the head and then he kicks Benjamin in the arm. We see Shelton bleeding so the referee pulls Archer off Shelton. We see footage from the commercial break when Benjamin’s head is sent into the announce table.

The match continues and they exchange punches until Shelton gets a second wind. He puts Archer on the top turnbuckle but Archer with a spinebuster slam for a two count. Archer punches Benjamin in the head and then he removes the top turnbuckle. Archer kicks Benjamin in the head and then he pulls Shelton’s arm into the exposed turnbuckle. Archer with punches to the arm and then he puts Benjamin in an arm bar. Benjamin with punches but Archer with a hard Irish whip for a near fall. Archer kicks Shelton in the arm and then he puts Benjamin in a bear hug into a waist lock. Benjamin with elbows and punches but Archer with a kick to the arm. Benjamin with a forearm from the top turnbuckle and then he hits a running shoulder tackle or two. Benjamin with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Archer with a head butt to the ribs and then Benjamin escapes the set up for the inverted DDT to hit a German suplex. Benjamin sets for the Stinger Splash but Archer moves. Benjamin is able to land on the ropes and then he hits a blockbuster
followed by Paydirt for the three count.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

We go to credits for the next to last time.

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