Update on Mercury’s WWE Return, Another Funk Wrestling and More

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

– Evan Bourne and Gail Kim will be appearing at Metropcs in Lansing, Michigan on Friday, February 12th from 5-6pm.

– Sheamus vs. John Cena for the WWE Title is being advertised for the RAW live event in Tucson, Arizona on March 20th.

– Word is that Joey Mercury has indeed signed a new deal with WWE last week and likely will be heading to the main roster soon for the SmackDown brand.

– Dr. Dory Funk Jr., a fourth generation member of the legendary Funk family, will make his pro wrestling debut at the !BANG! show on February 20th at the Funking Conservatory. He will team with Johnny Magnum and WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk Jr. to take on the team of Hack Meyers, Shane Chung and Blain Rage.

– Former WWE star Armando Estrada has a sandwich on the menu of his Baby’s Steak & Lemonade in Glendale, Arizona called the CM Punk, a grilled chicken breast with marinara and provolone. He also has a sandwich called the Big Vito. a sandwich called the Big Vito.

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  • PowerUp 5000

    I’m glad that Joey Mercury got another deal with WWE esp after the ladder accident that happend at WM few yrs ago….Sheamus sux ..WWE is doing a big Fail if they let him keep that tittle into Wrestlemaina

  • day5nal

    PowerUp 5000, the ladder incident was at armageddon not wrestlemania. if u didn’t know that then maybe you should look it up before you post incorrect stuff.

  • justin w

    harsh much

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