TNA iMPACT Report – 2/4/10

TNA iMPACT Report – February 4th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at the Mick Foley/Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan issues from last week. We also see the issues that Hulk Hogan had with Kurt Angle, but Kurt was the bigger man and he apologized. Then we see Jeff Jarrett try to fix his problems with Hulk Hogan and Bischoff.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Mardi Gras’ Tenay and Taz.

Before our first match, we get Ken Anderson’s introduction to let us know what his current weight and home town are. Ken says that he is the future of the four sided ring. Anderson says that since Hogan said he is the future, it is true.

We also see footage from Anderson’s match with Jarrett from last week.

Match Number One: Brutus Magnus versus Ken Anderson in an 8 Card Stud Tournament Qualifying Match

Anderson with a knee and forearm followed by a punch. Magnus with punches of his own. Anderson with a kick to Magnus and then he stomps on Magnus’ hand. Anderson with a hard Irish whip. Anderson kicks Magnus and continues to do so while he talks to the referee. Anderson punches Magnus but Magnus punches back. Magnus with a kick to Anderson followed by a boot to the chest. Magnus with a back elbow and a Japanese clothesline for a near fall. Magnus gets Anderson on his shoulders but Anderson with a rake of the eyes and the mic check for the three count.
Winner: Ken Anderson

We see Mick Foley arrive at the Impact Zone compound in his compact rental. He gets out of his car and he walks towards the Impact Zone. We go to commercial.

We are back to talk to Kurt Angle. Christy asks him about his match with Tomko. Angle says that he will take care of Tomko quick. He wants to talk about Hulk Hogan who looks him in the eyes and then has his jackals attack him. Christy wants to know if Angle thinks that Hall and Waltman were doing it for Hogan. Angle tells Hogan, screw me once, shame on me, screw me twice, shame on you.

We run through the card for tonight’s show featuring the Knockouts, Tag Team, and World Champions in the ring, with two of them defending titles.

It is time for Eric Bischoff to make his first of many appearances tonight as he comes to the ring. Eric says that it is good to be here one more time. He says that last week he was clear with Foley that they needed to be on the same page, but Foley did not want to be on the same page. Eric says that it is a decision that will cost Foley dearly.

Mick Foley’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Foley circles Bischoff before addressing him. Foley tells Eric that his reputation in the business is that there is something wrong in his head. It wasn’t because of what he did to his body that nobody would do. It is because he likes about everybody. Foley says that people would get him to say negative things about people like Marcus Bagwell, Paul Heyman, and Jim Hellwig. However, he does not dislike anyone . . . other than Eric Bischoff because he hates his guts. He calls Bischoff a slick little hustler and the opposite of everything that he believes in. Foley says that Bischoff came in from the outside as a salesman and announcer. Foley calls Bischoff the worst announcer ever. Foley says that Eric became an executive because he did not embody old school wrestling. Foley says that he wasn’t old school, but he might have gone to the school that burned down before old school.

Bischoff says that it is not about the two of them, it is about other people. Foley says that he loves being part of TNA but he has prepared for the worst case scenario. Foley says that he has been saving every time. He talks about how he didn’t deal with the luxuries even when he was WWE champion. Foley wants to know who Bischoff is to play with Borash and Abyss’ careers. He says that the Impact Zone would shut down without JB and he says that Bischoff doesn’t know or care about it and shows that he doesn’t know what makes TNA tick.

Eric says that the control and power makes him tick. Eric says that if Foley doesn’t want to be on the same page as him, he can respect that. If he isn’t going to get on the same page, he will have to turn the page. Eric says that he is going to write the next chapter in the Mick Foley story. Foley and Bischoff both mention that they are New York Times Bestsellers. Foley reminds Bischoff what he wrote about him. Foley tells Eric that he knows that it might not last forever and he can understand if the relationship is over, but he won’t let Bischoff mess with the ‘woman’ that he loves.

Bischoff tells Eric to look at his hand because he still has Borash and Abyss’ futures in his hand. Eric tells Foley that he will be wrestling tonight and he will be facing Kevin Nash in a No Disqualification Match. Eric talks about Foley’s past with Nash and how he jumped him so it is tit for tat. Eric tells Foley that Nash gets his revenge tonight.

Abyss is watching in the back with Jeremy Borash and Abyss is freaking out. He wants to know if he is going to be okay. Borash asks Abyss if he is okay. He suggests that he should get his final paycheck. Borash says that he worked for Bischoff ten years ago and it is never okay. Abyss babbles and pulls at his hair as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to go to Tara who is with Christy Hemme. She asks Tara about her title defense against Angelina Love. Tara says that Angelina made her life miserable when she started in TNA, but she has seen a change in Angelina since her return. Tara says that Angelina earned her respect last week but she says that she is ready for Angelina.

Match Number Two: Hernandez and Matt Morgan versus Team 3D for the TNA Tag Titles

Ray and Hernandez start things off and they lock up. Ray backs Hernandez into the corner and he breaks clean. They lock up again and Ray with a side head lock but Ray blocks a punch and Hernandez does the same to Ray. They lock up and Ray with another side head lock but Hernandez with a shoulder tackle and he misses a splash into the corner. Ray with an Irish whip and Ray with a splash into the corner. Hernandez kicks Ray away and he goes up to the turnbuckles. Ray with a chop to Hernandez and Ray throws Hernandez off the turnbuckles. Ray with an elbow drop for a near fall. Devon tags in and he connects with elbows. Hernandez with a forearm and Morgan tags in. Devon with punches to Morgan and hits a flying clothesline followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Morgan with a clothesline to Devon for a near fall. Hernandez tags back in and he works on Devon’s neck. Devon with an elbow but Hernandez with a body block for a near fall. Hernandez puts Devon on the top turnbuckle and he tries for a superplex but Devon bites Hernandez and then he hits a diving head butt to the ribs. Ray and Morgan tag in and Ray punches Morgan and then he tries for a German suplex but Morgan blocks it. Morgan with elbows but Ray hits the German suplex followed by a Samoan drop on Hernandez. Team 3D hit a belly-to-back and neck breaker combination for a near fall. Team 3D with a double shoulder block on Hernandez followed by a slam by Ray. Devon goes up and The Nasty Boys push Devon off. Hernandez pushes Ray into the Carbon Footprint for the three count.
Winners: Matt Morgan and Hernandez

After the match, the Nasty Boys comes out and they Knobs has a chair but Hernandez and Morgan come out and the Nasty Boys leave. Morgan and Hernandez check on Team 3D and then Team 3D leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back for a bit and D’Angelo Dinero is getting ready for his match and then we go back to commercial.

Match Number Three: Jesse Neal versus Samoa Joe

Jesse attacks Joe before the bell rings but Joe with a suplex and punches and chops in the corner. Joe with an Irish whip and running elbow followed by an enzuigiri. Jesse with punches to Joe but Joe with a head butt. Neal with a rake of the eyes followed by a forearm to the back and head. Jesse goes to the turnbuckles but Joe moves out of the way when Jesse tries for a cross body. Joe with slaps to Jesse followed by an Irish whip and running knee into the corner. Joe with the muscle buster and he gets the three count.
Winner: Samoa Joe

We go to the back where Christy is with Hulk Hogan and she wants to know if Hogan has anything to say about Kurt’s comments. Hogan says that he did not hear Angle’s comments. Hogan says that he didn’t have anything to do with that attack and he tells Angle that he will be around. Christy tells Hogan that Angle said that he was looking for him. Hogan says that he will be around. We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: D’Angelo Dinero versus A.J. Styles with Ric Flair in a Non Title Match

They lock up and Dinero works on the arm and wrist but Styles backs Dinero into the corner. Styles with a break but he chops Dinero but he looks at Flair and Dinero with a slap and then he hits a drop toe hold and works on the arm. Styles with a kick and he tries for a slam but Dinero with a series of elbows and then he punches Styles. Dinero with a back body drop and Styles goes to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Styles with a kick and elbow to Dinero’s head. We go back to commercial.

We are back and Styles with a shoulder tackle and then he connects with an elbow to the back of the head and chops him. Styles with the phenomenal drop kick and we see Flair strut on the floor. Styles with kicks to Dinero and then he catapults him into bottom rope. Styles with a chop and punch but Dinero with a chop of his own. Styles with a rear chin lock and then he chokes Dinero. Styles chokes Dinero in the ropes and then he hits a suplex and then he punches Dinero. Dinero punches Styles and then he gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Styles with a back elbow to Dinero and then he returns to the chin lock. Styles pulls Dinero to the mat by the hair. Styles with a kick to the head and Dinero with a chop but Styles with more kicks. Dinero blocks a punch and he connects with punches of his own. Dinero with a series of punches and then he hits a reverse atomic drop and a flying shoulder for a near fall. Styles with a rake of the eyes followed by a Pele kick. Flair taunts Dinero while he tries to get to his feet. Styles misses a splash into the corner. Dinero with a chop but Styles moves out of the way when Dinero tries for the splash in the ropes. Styles tries for a suplex but Dinero with an inside cradle to counter and he gets the three count.
Winner: D’Angelo Dinero

After the match, Ric Flair and Styles attack Dinero. Samoa Joe comes to the ring and he punches Styles. Joe chokes Styles with his shirt but Flair chops Joe and Joe doesn’t feel it. Styles clips Joe and then he punches Joe. Flair with a knee to the hamstring. Dinero kicks Styles while Joe clotheslines Flair over the top rope onto the ramp.

Security finally makes their way to the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Ric Flair asks Joe if he wants to die tonight while Joe is being held back by security. Flair tells Joe that it is the new TNA and he will get his ass beat. Joe tells Flair to shut his mouth. He then tells A.J. that he is a scum bag. He doesn’t care if they were friends or enemies, but A.J. was a warrior. He tells A.J. that he has given up on that for a few suits and hookers. Joe says that he needs to remind A.J. that he is a man so he is going to cash in his title shot at Against All Odds. Joe tells A.J. that he will have to deal with the inevitable. Joe suggests to Dinero that they give A.J. and Flair a preview . . .

but we go to Angelina Love in the interview area with Christy and Christy asks them if Velvet, Lacey, and Madison will get involved in her match. Angelina taught them everything they know but she did not teach them everything she knows. She says that they never should have replaced her and wonders how that is working. Angelina suggests that she might become a three time champion tonight. She says that she is awesome at revenge.

Kevin Nash and Eric Young are in the dressing room and Eric Bischoff enters and he doesn’t know who Eric Young is. Eric introduces himself and then Eric remembers and asks him to leave. Eric says that it is another name he probably won’t remember in the morning. Eric says that he needs a favor from Kevin. He wants Kevin to mop up Foley in a No Disqualification Match. Kevin wants some reciprocity from Bischoff and mentions Hall and Waltman. Eric calls them screw ups and he tells Nash that if he likes that tune, he can play it too . . . or he can destroy Mick Foley for him. We go to commercial.

We are back with an Earlier Tonight Moment of Eric Bischoff announcing the match between Mick Foley and Kevin Nash. We see the footage from two months ago when Foley attacked Kevin Nash in the empty arena.

We go to Mick Foley with Christy Hemme. Christy asks Mick about his match with Kevin Nash. She asks if he is going to fall in line. Foley says that while he is not in traditional wrestling attire, he will be lacing it up instead of falling in line. Christy asks about the bad blood. Foley says that they have unresolved differences, but then he thinks about what Nash put him through the last few weeks. He talks about being sent to meet with Lou ‘Hulk’ Ferrigno. Abyss interrupts and he wants to know if Foley is going to fall in line. Foley says that he will take care of business in the ring. Foley wants Abyss to promise that he doesn’t get involved in the match.

Match Number Five: Tomko versus Kurt Angle in an 8 Card Stud Qualifying Match

Angle with a German suplex but Tomko with a big boot and Angle pops up and then he connects with a head butt and clotheslines Tomko over the top rope to the floor. Angle slams Tomko’s head into the ring steps. Tomko with a power slam to a charging Angle followed by an Irish whip and a running clothesline. Tomko with an Irish whip and Angle’s shoulder goes into the ring post. Tomko with a standing power slam for a near fall. Tomko with a head lock but Angle with punches. Tomko with a vertical choke slam and then he goes to the apron. Eventually he goes up top but Angle recovers and hits a belly-to-belly suplex and both men are down. Angle tries for the Three Rivers German suplex combination but Tomko stops him after two. Angle with an Olympic slam but he can only get a two count. Tomko with a clothesline and then he misses the big boot. Angle with five rolling German suplexes and the straps are down and then he puts Tomko in the ankle lock and he grapevines the leg. Tomko taps out.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Angelina Love and Tara are walking in split screen as we go to commercial.

We are back with footage from the TNA tour of Europe and the ring looks different from the one in Orlando.

In case you forgot all of the problems between Mick Foley and Kevin Nash, here is a recap.

Hulk Hogan is in his office and Nash enters. Kevin talks about the Foley thing and he says that he is on the team. Nash says that he doesn’t like Foley. He asks Hogan if he can give Pac and Hall another chance. Hogan says that he wanted them here, but he has given them too many chances. He tells Nash to distance himself from those guys. Hogan says that he doesn’t get their thing right now. Nash tells Hogan to keep an open mind. Hogan tells Nash not to let them suck him in.

We have a video package showing the issues between Angelina Love and her former tag team partners as well as the arrival of Lacey Von Erich on the scene.

Match Number Six: Angelina Love versus Tara for the TNA Women’s Title

They lock up and Tara with a side head lock and take down. Angelina gets a near fall by rolling Tara over. Angelina with a head scissors and Tara escapes and gets a near fall but Angelina with a bridge into a back slide for a near fall. After all of that action, we go to commercial.

We are back and Tara is working on the wrist but we go back to commercial.

We are back and we have a test of strength and Angelina with a take down into a hammer lock. Angelina works on the arm some more but Tara with a cartwheel but Angelina with a take down for a near fall. Tara with an Irish whip and Angelina with a sunset flip for a near fall. Tara with the uranage side slam for a near fall. Angelina with a forearm but she misses a bicycle kick. Tara sets for the Widow’s Peak but Angelina counters. Tara with a rollup for the three count.
Winner: Tara

After the match, Tara and Angelina shake hands but Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich attack Angelina. Tara punches Lacey, Velvet, and Madison. Angelina joins in the attack. Madison and Lacey are unable to take care of Angelina and Tara but Velvet is able to escape.

We go to the outer parts of the Impact Zone compound and we see Scott Hall and Sean Waltman trying to prepare their entry into the Impact Zone. We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle storms into Hogan’s office and he wants Hogan to explain what happened last week. Hogan says that he didn’t give Hall and Waltman contracts because they are thugs and then he talks about Angle’s conspiracy theories brother. Hogan brings up Angle’s blown opportunities brother. Angle says that he wants to know what Hogan’s agenda is. Angle talks about the people that Hogan has done business with in the past. Angle says that Hogan will not screw with him. He tells Hogan this is his last warning. Hogan tells Angle, brother, to get out of his office and he says please.

Match Number Seven: Mick Foley versus Kevin Nash in a No Disqualification Match

Nash comes to the ring with Raven’s shopping cart of weapons. Foley has a barbed wire baseball bat. Foley hits the trash can with the barbed wire bat. Nash gets a chair and he blocks the bat some more. Nash hits Foley in the legs with the hockey stick and then Nash has the bat and he uses it on Foley. Foley with a back kick to the groin and then Foley with a running forearm to the head. Foley sends Nash’s head into the guardrail and the apron. Foley with punches to the top of the head. Foley is about to hit Nash with something but Nash with a big boot and he gets the three count.
Winner: Kevin Nash

After the match, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman make their way through the crowd and into the ring. Hall punches Nash and Waltman with a spin kick. Waltman and Hall continue the attack on Nash.

We go to credits.