*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings – Feb. 5th

– Thanks to Brad Walker for these spoilers from last night’s SmackDown tapings in Memphis, TN:

* Chris Jericho opened with a promo about being the #1 contender to the World title.

* There was a backstage promo with Edge and Christian. Unfortunately I missed most of it.

* John Morrison defeated Kane and Drew McIntyre to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber.

* R-Truth defeated Mike Knox to get into the Chamber.

* Backstage promo with the Straight Edge Society.

* CM Punk defeated Batista by countout to earn a spot in the Chamber.

* Chris Jericho defeated Matt Hardy to get into the Chamber.

* Mickie James cut a promo but was interrupted by Beth Phoenix talking about her Rumble appearance. Beth teased at feuding with Mickie for the belt.

* Beth Phoenix teamed with Mickie to beat Michelle McCool and Layla. Beth left Mickie on her own and knocked both out.

* Rey Mysterio beat Dolph Ziggler to get into the Chamber.

* Edge did The Cutting Edge and said he can beat either World Champ. Chris Jericho came out and said Edge didn’t deserve to win the Rumble. Edge says he’s tired of Jericho talking all the time. CM Punk comes out and said he’s made Undertaker tap before. The Undertaker appeared in the ring and cleaned house with Edge. They had a staredown and that’s the end of SmackDown. Good segment.

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  • trevor

    I can definitely see where they are going with this one…
    Chris Jericho WILL win the world title at the Chamber, BUT because of HBK interfering and costing the undertaker the title. This way Undertaker will accept shawns challenge at wrestlemania. So, this will set up the Edge vs. Jericho match and also the HBK vs. Undertaker match. Now, for the WWE title, I really dont see Shaemus holding on to the title in this one. This chamber match is up in the air….anyone can win.

  • Natalie Vaughn

    I think that the Undertaker should retain the World title heads on Wrestlemania. I think Edge should face Jericho for next week on Smackdown. I think he should choose carefully and that way he should make a decision of who will face at wrestlemania.

  • Jolly

    I think the deadman will retain his world championship. He is not gonna slip.But will b a good chamber match with jeri, punk both unpredictable fellas,morrison huh dunno! as far as HBK is concerned he should win matches n work his way up. HBK is totally rusted as of late. or just hang his boots.

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