Ring Rust Review: Future Shock?

A lot of people are talking about the future of wrestling and who will lead the next generation of stars. Coincidently the WWE announced the end of ECW (or their version of ECW).  ECW will make way to a new “innovative” program which will showcase new talent. This reminds me of the end of Prime Time Wrestling making way for Raw. I for one am looking forward to this, assuming they do it right. Please don’t let this be Tough Enough lite. The ECW name can finally rest in peace, the original had a legendary run, the second coming not so much. That said I still think these last few months have been great thanks to Christian, perhaps he will get to retire the title.  Perhaps Vince sees the writing on the wall, a lot of his stars are getting up there, even his golden child Cena is looking at a back issues. It is the perfect time to look ahead.

Since we are there let’s talk WWE and how their future looks.  We will start with Smackdown and the Intercontinental Champion Drew McInyre. He has started strong, but that doesn’t mean much to me as there are a lot of ex wrestlers who started strong. Despite his fast rise we do not know how Drew will handle the responsibility of being pushed so hard or the eventual downfall, people like him and Sheamus might get to cocky to soon (more on him in a bit). If he is developed right he can be a great heel ala’ his clone Triple H; I got a wait on sees on this guy.  Now Sheamus, his monster run would have been more believable if he didn’t have such a hard time with Goldust like 5 months ago or for that matter Shelton Benjamin both of which deserve a bigger push than him. To add to this debacle of a push every major match he has been in he’s lost or won on DQ or count-out, yes there was his title win, but I honestly think Cena tripped more than Sheamus doing anything. This poor kid is getting sabotaged before he can get started. On to someone (or two) who is closer to the main event picture. The ex Johnny Nito has developed a pretty solid fan base as well as a DVD.  Almost every feud this kid has been in has had some great matches, remember his stuff with Punk, Jeff Hardy, his match with Rey? BTW I think starship pain is a horrible name for a finisher, but to each their own. On Raw it seems that Kofi is set to hit it big also, as long as WWE stops messing around with the guy, this past match on Raw aside he has been very solid and has the fan backing to make it big (of course so does Evan Bourne and how is that working out). WWE needs to pull the trigger sooner than later.  Now these four are just a small sample of new talent, I will get to more into this on a later episode including my thoughts on what to expect from Danielson and others.

Over on the other side we got TNA, let’s take a look at some of these talented wrestlers. We will start with Desmond Wolfe. I don’t why they gave him this stupid name but regardless the talent behind the name stays the same. I have seen a few of his matches over at ROH and he is very solid, once he gets the mic skills down better or they stop feeding him lines like “hungry like a wolf” he should contribute a lot to the product. Another wrestler with a lot to contribute is the pope and former Elijah Burke D’angelo Dinero. He has seems to have found a place to showcase both his skills and charisma. Again I usually don’t like these name changes especially in this day when information is a Wiki or Google away.  On to a team I like in TNA the British Invasion, now I know the whole anti-American or we are better than America thing has been done before and in some cases better but I like this group with or without the World Elite. When I first saw Brutus I thought “big dumb block” (actually I thought big dumb block with a horrible gimmick). Well my opinion has not really changed over time, but big guys like him work good in a team environment.  Doug has the most experience of the three (three until they break up) cutting his teeth over at ROH. The baby of the group would be Rob Terry who only started a couple of years back; he came to TNA after getting his future endeavored over at FCW. The big thing these guys are missing is a manager, yeah Eric Young is a good talker but he’s got his own thing going on (it’s about time btw).  Hey even the legendary British Bulldogs had Capt. Lou and if done properly (as seen at times with Davey Boy Smith) they can be good for the international market.

Going back to the big dumb block thing, I have been pretty hard on guys like Sheamus, Brutus, Batista, Big Zeke, etc and so on. These guys do have their place and at times can be fun to watch or dare I say entertaining. The problem I think is that it’s been done before, there is nothing new, and the wrestling market is over saturated with these guys and the theory that you have to give the big guy a “monster push”. Yes it worked for Hogan, like 25 years ago but Hogan is unique and rare, that’s what makes him Hogan.  We need a break from these guys at least for a few years, like I said put them in a team or something worked for the Road Warriors. Well that is it for now; I have not begun to scratch the surface on a lot of these future “stars” and if they can (or are allowed to) shine, more later until then….let’s watch.