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Hello to all my loyal members of the Dog Pound! Welcome to yet another edition of the hottest column on the net today! Okay, enough shamless self-promotion here, let’s get right to it. This past Sunday the WWE gave us the 2010 Royal Rumble. A lot went into this rumble storyline wise too. Who would win? Triple H? Shawn Michaels? Cena? Beth Phoenix? No one really knew.

Well us fans finally got our answer as the Rated R superstar Edge made his much anticipated (and quite early) return to the ring. There were rumors around the internet that Edge would make his return at the PPV, but the way the WWE changes their plans as soon as they know it’s been leaked, no one can ever really be sure these days. I for one am glad Edge is back, and I am even more pleased that he won. Anything beats another John Cena win.

You know what else I like about Edge’s latest return so far? Right now, he’s a tweener. We’re not sure if he’s quite a heel, or if he’s a face; and that adds for some interesting set-ups leading into Wrestlemania. Here’s where I want to hear from you readers. Should Edge be a face, or a heel? I for one don’t care either way because he plays both parts with such ease; he has that natural ability.

See this is where it gets interesting though. The WWE could have Edge wait until Wrestlemania to get his title shot, which insures that at least one of the two title matches will be a triple threat match. Or, they could have Edge end up fighting one of the champions at the Elimination Chamber ppv, which would free up both champions for their rumored matches at the big event. Going this route would make sure HBK faces the Undertaker, and Triple H faces Sheamus. It would also free Edge for a match against Chris Jericho, should Edge make a full-fledged face turn.

Either way, I’m excited to see how Edge will fit back into the fold, and if one of the title matches becomes a triple threat my money is on Edge. Again, I want your voices to be heard. If you were a writer for the WWE, what would you do with Edge leading into Wrestlemania?

Hmmm, while I’m here what other things have grabbed my attention as of late. When I stop and think, one of the first things that comes to my mind is CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m loving this angle. Not only does it make CM Punk look that much better as a heel, but its giving young stars like Luke Gallows (aka Drew Hankinson) and Serena (aka Serena Deeb) a true chance to shine. I would love to see Punk and Gallows take the tag titles from DX and see what they can do from there.

I’m also very appy to see Mickie James finally took the title off of Michelle McCool. McCool in my opinion is not worthy of a title run and I think having James hold the belt will bring some meaning back to it. On the Raw side, I’m looking foward to seeing Maryse match up with Gail Kim. I’m also hoping Kim walks away with the win, since coming back from TNA, she has busted her ass and deserves a chance to show what she can bring back to the women’s division.

Well, that’s it for now peeps. Feel free to email me as always, and don’t be disouraged if my responses aren’t immediate.


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  • Rocko

    Here’s my hope. Jericho goes into Elimination Chamber and somehow walks out with the WHC. Edge decides that it’s time for real payback and challenges Jericho. So now we have grudge match plus title match between those two and we can have Taker/Michaels II. That would totally make up for the travesty that would be Triple H/Sheamus on the Raw side of things.

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