JR Blog: Royal Rumble Highlights, Tonight’s RAW and More

– Jim Ross has updated his blog with the highlights below:

* Enjoyed watching the Royal Rumble on PPV as the show closing last few minutes really made the show for me.

* CM Punk had a memorable Rumble match. Great mic work. Punk’s hairy chest, as I pointed out during the show on Twitter, makes him look even more like a villain. Punk had a stellar night.

* Edge was the star of the night and him winning the Royal Rumble disrupts the Road to Wrestlemania and makes February’s Elimination Chamber PPV more intriguing. That PPV is only 3 weeks way. I like the episodic way that several issues are progressing.

* Anxious to see the Hitman=McMahon confrontation Monday night on Raw from Nashville. I’ll miss being there with King as we always went downtown to Jack’s BBQ near the Grand Old Opry for lunch.





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