Ring Rust Review: Lets Get Ready To Rumble….please?

It’s that time of the year; the road to Wrestlemania begins at the Rumble, now I’m one of these fans who likes the concept of the winner going on to Wrestlemania. Sure some say it’s more exciting, and that it means more, well they said the same thing about the All-Star Game in baseball, how is that theory working out? The concept limits who will win depending on the main event picture, granted it was the same prior to the Wrestlemania prize but still there was a little bit of a chance someone else could win even by accident. How many think Kofi will win, how about Evan, maybe Legacy? No I think not now lets see what we got, If HBK takes his usual post Wrestlemania time he might not win, Cena has back problems and movies so he is probably out, how about the Big Show, not. HHH is a big favorite especially if DX splits so I pick him.

Now on to the World Title match, the way Rey has been built up on television over the last few weeks one would think he is the little engine that could, he beat Batista (btw whoever is dressing him these days needs to be shot multiple times), held his own against HBK so maybe just maybe he can beat The Undertaker and become champion again, maybe. I do not really see that happening as much as I like Rey and want to see him win. Unless The Undertaker is more hurt than we believe then maybe, just maybe we can see an upset. That would open up some great match possibilities leading into Wrestlemania, The match we saw on Smackdown with Rey and HBK was great, it’s to bad the creative minds had to ruin a great match with a stupid (and pointless) run in by block head Batista . That being said I would like to see this match again on a bigger stage, these two pulling out all the stops would be magical. If Undertaker wins however it leaves us with a lot of questions, including will his health hold up until Wrestlemania without taking a break to heal and rest, and if so who will try to break the streak? I would like to see Cena try, mind you I said try not win, just try. That would work out great, Cena can lose and maybe recover from his injuries and ‘taker can go on being ‘taker.

Now Sheman….uh sorry Sheamus vs. Orton should be a fun to watch as it breaks from tradition and pits heel vs. heel, or in this case a heel people don’t care about vs. a very popular heel  (oxymoron intended). At this point if you can’t figure out which than your not paying attention. I’m thinking someone is getting a face turn which would be a bad think, Randy is fine as a villain even a popular one, Sheamus will have whatever momentum he had killed by a face turn. As for the winner of the match, well unless they want to kill his buzz I’d say it’s Sheamus by DQ or countout, something like that, or maybe Randy wins that way. It’s sad that this so called “monster” they built up can’t win a legit match by pinfall against main event talent, granted the only one he did win got him the belt, but I still think that was an accident, sad really.

On to the Women’s title, first off has McCool even wrestled since winning the thing? Seriously I don’t care who your sleeping with, everyone else who gets hurt as champion usually gives it up especially if you’ve been hurt as long as her, a couple of weeks is fine but really. Ok got that off my chest, now if there is any justice in the WWE (ok can’t say that with a straight face) we will finally get our payoff from this bitter long story and Mickie will get her revenge on McCool, that’s what should happen, again it’ s all in who you know and what your doing,  Mickie might be taking some time off to sing her heart out ( I would get back into country music for her) and McCool is still taking the HHH method of success all the way to the top, hey good for her. Now there is an x-factor in this match, depending if the Awesome Kong incident on TNA is a work or not, Mickie could be replaced all together with the awesome one, which would suck due to me wanting the aforementioned payoff, can’t wait (no really).

Christian vs. Jackson rounds off the title matches, now I know that a lot of you Christian fans don’t like to see the our Captain Charisma relegated to ECW champion, but he has taken the title and made it his own and made it worth something in my humble opinion, he has defended it like a champ (go with the pun). He made a joke title no one cared about into a title that maybe someone could care about someday, if ECW wasn’t being dissolved soon that is, but still Christian is a good champion and I hope he has shown this to the brilliant (sarcasm) creative minds of the WWE. Jackson with all due respect is the latest in a long line of big dumb blocks, which is sad because he does remind me of Ahmed Johnson, kind of liked him for awhile especially in the beginning before he went all nuts, anywho I digress, I hope you all enjoy this year’s Royal Rumble in fact enjoy these next few weeks, WWE really puts on more of a show leading into Wrestlemania then at any other point of the year, so look for some great matches coming up, which means of course…let’s watch