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Even More on the Helms/Jericho Incident, Jeff Hardy Comments

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Friday, January 29th, 2010

– had an article up yesterday evening about the arrests of Hurricane Helms and . They noted that around 4AM on Wednesday, an Erlanger police officer patrolling Crescent Springs saw a group of five people being rowdy in a shopping center parking lot. The officer told the group they needed to leave and some of them got a taxi. This was shortly before the taxi driver pulled over and called 911 after the incident in the backseat.

While other reports have came out since then, noted that Helms ran and was later found by police but couldn’t be found by them. It’s been mentioned now that Hardy was not sober and as you read before, the woman involved is now claiming that the whole thing was blown out of proportion. noted that a conviction on the misdemeanor charge of public intoxication carries a fine of $25 and court costs of $134. Helms and Jericho can appear in court on February 16th to challenge the charges or they can have the charges dismissed by paying $159 total before court date.

WWE released a statement to the paper saying that they assume the authorities will take proper action if necessary but declined further comment.

commented on the situation with these messages on his Twitter: “Sure tmz picked up their mug shot..big deal..their awesome &why should that be second guessed over an extremely simple situation?Love Je …” and “They got arrested…it’s a shame they care or think it makes them look bad..their amazing employees…..&”

Jeff’s girlfriend Beth, who is good friends with Helms and Matt, wrote this on her Twitter: “WOW! MMH made the TMZ headlines! He’s on the scoreboard now! So hilarious that the story is about nothing…TMZ is in the entertainment business also, keep that in mind. Funny thing is, Matt wasn’t even drinking & didn’t have any involvement. Classic TMZ sensationalism. Actually, I was asked to post that. And, to clarify, he wasn’t DRUNK. Better?”

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