Backstage TNA Updates on Flair, Hall and Waltman

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The feeling within TNA is that management isn’t happy at all with Scott Hall and Sean Waltman but will continue to use them with the storyline that’s going on. Most people figured that Hall wouldn’t work out but there’s a lot of disappointment in Waltman as some figured that he would have shown up in better shape considering it’s probably his last shot with a major US promotion.

– At the last set of iMPACT tapings, Ric Flair was getting to know people more and was telling people he loved being there since he felt he was being used right by managing the World Champion AJ Styles. Flair was shown a ton of respect backstage with the wrestlers and agents in awe. Flair’s interviews also got race reviews from those in the company. The idea of the Flair character in TNA right now is for him to be kind of like the JJ Dillon of 2010.

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  • rich

    The term in English is “rave” review, not race review.. come on buddy. At least learn proper English before getting a job.

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