More Details on the Helms, Hardy and Jericho Incident

– Dave Meltzer reports that Matt Hardy was running after Hurricane Helms, telling him to go back to the scene of the incident or he would get in even more trouble. Word is that Helms and Jericho were bailed out by fellow WWE Superstars CM Punk and Christian.

Sources within WWE are saying that Helms never hit the woman in the taxi as TMZ reported.

Several sources within WWE also said that this incident came as no surprise to them. Some feel that Helms, more than anyone else involved, is in jeopardy of losing his job over the incident.

It was interesting that Helms was featured this morning on WWE’s website as the Superstar of the Day. Helms was later pulled from the website and replaced with Cody Rhodes.

Jim Ross wrote about it on his website with the following comments: “TMZ making a semi big deal about a situation that Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms found themselves in this week. Both these guys are great people and are credits to the biz and I suggest that this well could be much to do about not much. No one should rush to judgment about this issue especially since neither individual has addressed there side of this overblown story. This matter definitely deserves a “Lighten Up Francis.” Wrestling needs more hard working, students of the game who are still fans of the biz like Jericho and Helms.”

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