Jimmy Hart and DDP Returning to TNA?

– WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart was in Canada this past week promoting Wrestleicious and hinted at a return to TNA, possibly as the manager for The Nasty Boys.

– Former WCW World Champion Diamond Dallas Page told Slam Wrestling in a new interview that he’s talking with Eric Bischoff about possibly joining TNA for a short-term program and maybe even a match.

Page said: “Eventually I am sure at some point in time when they need a guest referee I may consider it. I want to do the Piper thing, he shows up for two months and then is gone for nine. That is the only kind of thing I want to do, and I am in the shape to still do it. I probably have ten really good matches left in me, and I am not gonna throw them away or just put them out there. If they are willing to pay me to come back, and it behooves me, maybe.”

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