Jeff Hardy’s TNA Tag Team with Shannon Moore?, Joe News

– Samoa Joe dislocated a rib at the TNA live event in Paris this week but won’t miss any time from it. He noted on Twitter that agent D-Lo Brown popped the rib back into place for him in the hotel.

– It would appear that Jeff Hardy is indeed set to make more appearances for TNA. Hardy may have revealed a tag team with Shannon Moore that’s planned with the following message on Twitter, that has since been deleted:

“HeavensDemons…airhedge&itchweeed ready to hitTNA with some dig thy name…HeavensDemons?”

If you’re wondering, Hardy refers to himself as “itchweed” and Moore as “airhedge.” The post has been deleted but it is legit as Max of TNA tag team Generation Y retweeted the post, saying it was a “great name.”

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