Hogan Speaks on Savage/Warrior, Sid Asks Fans for Help

– Sid Vicious has put up a link on his Facebook page that goes to a fan petition created to bring him into TNA.

Sid wrote: “Petitions don’t work…but Sign it anyway just to show them where the Power lies. Spread the Word! Somebody made this Petition as a Labor of love so I Understand how that feels..We all know how it is. you gotta get in there and get your hands dirty and do whatever you got…ta do to get your boys back on TV where they belong…it’s sad but thats the way it is now! it’s all in the fans hands now!”

– In a recent interview with UGO.com, Hulk Hogan commented on the possibility of Randy Savage and Warrior joining TNA.

Regarding Warrior, Hogan said: “The Warrior is not “alive” anymore. I did a deposition about six months ago where Vince McMahon put out a tape called The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. And I did a deposition. I sat in a room across from him. No other wrestler would testify. He thought I was actually going to help him, but when I told the truth…I seriously doubt he and I would ever work together again. I did tell the truth at the deposition. He’s the worst. He’s horrible. There’s nobody worse than him in the ring. So hopefully I’ll never have to see him again in the ring.”

Savage is another story as Hogan seems open to him coming in. Hogan said: “I’d LOVE to see the Macho Man. Dye that old gray Santa Claus beard he’s got. Get back in shape. And teach these young guys how to do it because I could sure use his help. He’s got a great mind for the business.”

To read the full interview, visit UGO.com.

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