JR’s Blog: Cena/McMahon Segment, Royal Rumble, DX, JBL

The following are highlights from Jim Ross’s latest blog:

— Speaking of Cena, his interaction with Mr. McMahon on Raw was spot on and some of the best verbal interaction that I’ve heard in a good while. The dialog between Cena and the Chairman of WWE was organic, emotional, and really has me anxious to see Raw next week when Bret “Hitman” Hart returns to confront McMahon. Fine TV in my humble opinion.

— The serious nature of winning the Royal Rumble match and what it means individually to every competitor was underscored with Monday Night’s DX in ring promo. This was another verbal exchange that captured my interest. DX in a serious tone really captivated my attention.

— I had a great conversation Sunday with JBL who, as my Grandpa used to say is as busy as a fruit merchant, and doing great while living in New York City. John is on Fox News every Saturday morning of which I enjoy plus he is still developing his distribution business for ‘Layfield Energy Plus’.