Ring Rust Review: Doing It My Way – Part 2

Ok I was going to hold off writing this for a couple of days but I can’t help myself. After watching this past episode of Impact I have to say something, fortunately if falls in to what I wanted to talk about. Last column I wrote about how I would run WWE, now let’s talk about how I would fix TNA.  First let’s discuss the elephant in the room, the reenactment of Montreal 1997. Note I didn’t say rip-off, the CM Punk vs. Undertaker match last year was a rip-off, taking elements of Montreal and incorporating it into a modern storyline, what happen on Impact was an almost frame by frame reenactment of the original. Now the difference being that 1997 was real, Bret left WWE and signed with WCW he was gone, not a work, not an angle. I’m not holding my breath waiting for Kurt to show up on Raw. Now the debate begins on if this was a good idea on Hogan’s part, and honestly it wasn’t a bad idea, hear me out. Most casual fans do not remember 1997 and if you have no background what happen on Impact looked real enough to have people tune back in next week to see what happens, remember we are talking about casual fans not hardcore or internet fans that are in on the joke. The only issue I have is they did it a couple of weeks after Bret came back, and even though some don’t remember Montreal I’m sure it was a YouTube or Google search away to refresh there memory so the original might be fresh in people’s mind making some cry foul, we will see.

Now a lot of TNA’s talent seems to be off casts of WWE television, while some TNA fans don’t like it I would continue doing it. Remember most of the WWE talent gets released because “creative has nothing for you”. Well based solely on what I’ve seen on television lately WWE creative put together couldn’t get arrested if they tried. They let perfectly good talent get away and keep dumb blocks around because “they got a look”. Guys like Morgan, Pope, Christian, Gail Kim (not a guy) have done better in TNA then they ever could in WWE. If the “E” doesn’t want guys like that then darn straight I would scoop them up.  Another sore subject is the “older” talent that has shown up lately, now again if used right it could work. A lot of these guys do have something to contribute and yes some are just a waste of space, it’s just a matter of picking the right ones.

Another big debate is the use of a 6-sided ring as opposed to the classic 4-sided ring. Personally I think the 6-sided version made the product stand out, and that’s what you want if you need to compete in the market, you need to be different and stand out.  Having a 4-sided ring makes you look like everyone else who has a 4-sided ring. Again we are talking about casual fans, people that flip the channels, I’m sure if asked most don’t know the difference between TNA and WWE, they just think it’s the same thing, and that is bad. Another thing I would do is not fix what is not broken, The X-Division has been a staple of TNA and a huge selling point for years and I don’t see why it can’t continue, knowing the “competition” will never match what TNA has. Same goes for the Knockouts, there is a lot of talent there and I would showcase it, remember people want to see something different.

Speaking of competition, I wouldn’t worry about that. I would fix my own house and make sure it’s ready for visitors before I’d worry about having more Christmas lights up than the neighbors. I would try to establish a bigger fan base and market, maybe a couple more house shows, and if the money is there go live on Thursday, yes Thursday. Like I said I want the audience all to myself why at this stage of the game should I try to compete with a bigger company and force some imaginary “war” that I can’t win.  That’s not smart business that’s asking for trouble. I think that is the current problem with TNA, Hogan and Eric want to wage war on Vince for whatever reason and they are using TNA to do it. They are not about making TNA better; they just want to go after Vince like he has done to them in the past.  I know there are some TNA loyalists that don’t like the words coming out of my laptop but the dynamic duo are going to be TNA’s downfall not it’s savior, it’s not a matter of history or WCW 2.0 it’s about what’s in front of your television, sorry don’t kill the messenger. Again as I stated before I hope I’m not totally correct, I like TNA, they have talent on par with WWE and in some cases better. They had a pretty good thing going and I’d hate to see that talent wasted anywhere else including WWE which I will remind you care very little about actual wrestling these days.  Next we look towards the future as I look at some of the up and coming talent from both TNA and WWE. Until next time….let’s watch