John Cena Discusses His Upcoming Move

NEW ORLEANS – Wrestling star John Cena said he’s enjoying the challenge of acting in his very first dramatic film.

The “WWE Monday Night RAW” star’s only two previous movies — 2006’s “The Marine” and last year’s “12 Rounds” — were action films that involved “blowing things up” and “dodging bullets,” Cena said Wednesday.

While in New Orleans for the filming of “Brother’s Keeper,” a World Wrestling Entertainment movie that also stars Danny Glover, Patricia Clarkson and Devon Graye, Cena called the project “a great change of pace.”

“This one is a lot less physically demanding,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been able to get involved in the story, and it’s an easy story to embrace. I think everybody will be able to pull something from it.”

The plot centers on a socially awkward teenage boy, played by Graye, who tries to reconnect his family after the death of his collegiate wrestling star father by following in his father’s footsteps. In a scene being filmed Wednesday, Cena, who plays Graye’s estranged older brother, shows up at the younger boy’s high school to watch him compete in a wrestling match.

Clarkson plays their mother and Glover plays the role of a charming and mysterious man who shows up at pivotal times in the life of Graye’s character.

“It’ll be a good watch,” Cena said. “People will walk away from this movie feeling good about themselves.”

Filming is scheduled to run through the end of January, said David Calloway, the movie’s producer who is also vice president of WWE Studios.




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    He last film was really good .we all enjoy his movies nd his wrestling keep it up

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