Awesome Kong Leaving TNA?


– Word going around TNA is that one-half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Awesome Kong gave notice to the company on Tuesday night. Kong was involved in the reported altercation with Bubba the Love Sponge earlier this week.

It should be noted that talents give notice to TNA often and most of the time they’re talked into staying. No word yet on what the future will hold for Awesome Kong in TNA.

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  • Lynn Angela Pisco

    Since Awesome Kong is now a free agent and The World Wrestling Entertainment chairman Vince McMahon and his daughter Stephanie themselves has their chance to give this woman an opportunity to show these fans exactly what to expect and yes I know for a fact that she will do whatever it takes to proved it when she arrives before Sunday March 28, 2010 for ” The W.W.E.’S Wrestlemania 26 live on pay per view event . Things are about to change even then and perhaps maybe these ladies will also have to start thinking about what they are up against as well no doubt especially with the current W.W.E. Woman’s Champion herself Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix shall have to face their own worst nightmares when she arrives during next week’s world premire of ” AWESOME KONG ” herself . I think within the days are numbered, soon there will be the next big thing who will do whatever it takes to finally earned a chance to prevent another casuality to become as a victim on her list . Soon all shall face the fear when Awesome Kong comes to clean house once again and this will be a new beginning to end Michelle McCool’s career as a W.W.E. Woman’s Champion and also Diva Superstar of Monday Night’s Raw .

  • Lynn Angela Pisco

    Whatever the case maybe, I think Awesome Kong would rather join forces with the entire W.W.E. industry even though they pay a much higher salary than just entertainment for fans every where come on now . Just imagine it will be when they look at the next big thing who is coming to this industry shall bring changes towards the women’s division and I believe that Awesome Kong will prove to both Stephanie and Vince McMahon she shall bring her awesome signature moves as well . Especially when it comes down to being involved with these ladies’ matches like perhaps maybe Michelle McCool’s W.W.E. Woman’s Championship title belt is concerned , believe me everyone will watch it when it happens . To be a formal Knockout champion herself , Awesome Kong has the ability to do whatever it takes to make sure that Michelle McCool is prepared for her own career or life at this point in time cause if she doesn’t , considered this as being a slave for all enternity when another live pay per view hits on television as well . After when Awesome Kong signs a major contract deal with Vince McMahon or perhaps Stephanie as well even . Hey you will never know if maybe she might be the next guest host for tomorrow night’s Raw on U.S.A. network perhaps . Just wait and see for yourselves fans !

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