Jeremy Borash Speaks on His Status with TNA and More

– Thanks to Marty Hotts for the following recap of Jeremy Borash on Right After Wrestling’s radio show:

Jeremy Borash was on “Right After Wrestling” radio January 18, 2010

The show can be downloaded here: b6d5-0d3a32cdc2d5.mp3

Host asks about the Pay-Per-View and Eric Bischoff of March of 2009 interview saying “Borash shouldn’t be on television”. Borash said it has been an interesting couple of days. He said he has seen a lot of things at TNA but Sunday will be a night he won’t forget, that’s what he’ll say about that situation.

Host asks about switching to four sides and if you’re going against WWE, you can differentiate from WWE or simulate them. JB says he wish he could shed some light on it but the truth is he doesn’t know much. He showed up Sunday and there was a new ring at the arena and he saw what happened when the show opened.

JB says to him he would bet that the inkling out of the whole situation is that they haven’t seen the last of the six-sided ring as they are using it on the UK tour. He doesn’t know what the situation is for doing it. He thought it separated TNA from the WWE from a visual stamdpoint – being something different, but he also heard what Hulk Hogan said and Hogan has a point. JB said he would like to leave it up to the fans and see an online voting to see what the fans think of it. That’s his take. As far as the guys and what they think of it, he says everyone has a different opinion. He said at the end of the day, what matters in the ring is what matters regardless of the number of sides.

Host says the fans spoke out during Hogan’s speech. Host says Bischoff took JB out of television (whether it is a work or real). JB has worn many hats since the beginning. For the short term, JB is going to the UK tour. He’s probably going to pick up his last pay check as far as his on-air talent goes for the time being. He will head to UK a little early to backpack around Europe before the tour starts.

At the end of the day, JB was really honestly touched by the support on Facebook/Twitter to see how upset fans were about it. He said after something like that happens, you want to have some sort of gratification that somebody cares. He said the fans in the arena blew up when it happened. He said at the end of the day, he is a major part of the company no matter what it is.

Host asks when Eric Bischoff signed, did JB see any of this coming. JB said he heard what Eric said on the show (JB has no place on TV, etc). JB said he never took a shot at Eric or said anything personally, and that it was humor on the show. He said he worked for Eric before back in the day. He can’t say anything bad about Eric and respects what he has done and who he is.

Host says as new folks continue to pour in what is the atmosphere backstage at TNA? Are people nervous about their job, does everyone need to step up? JB says that’s what it is and is comparable to a new head coach coming in. JB said they set a record rating on January 4 – he said there have been great turnouts to house shows over the last 5-6 weeks. He said everyone is in the situation to see what happens and will step it up – they will bring out the best in everyone.

Host says JB is taking a break on Facebook/Twitter and that his tweets were funny for those that follow. Has JB given thought on how long to stay away? JB says he doesn’t know what he says will show how he’s feeling. As of now, he doesn’t really feel like doing it.

Host asks about online, Spin-Cycle stuff – if he’s doing it. JB says he’s off television but that doesn’t count for internet as far as he has heard. As of now, he’ll be doing Spin Cycle. He’s not going to be on the pre and post shows at TNA Live this week, but we’ll see what happens, he says. Host says he doesn’t care if it’s a work or shoot – but when he sees something, he can kind of sense if it’s a “worked shoot”, like a sort of truth behind it. Host says based on the facts, based on what Bischoff said on a prior interview, what happened at Genesis has some part of truth to it. They question what dues JB has to pay – he’s been there since the beginning. Co-host says if this is a work, using these social networking sites like Twitter, then this is a masterful job and is revolutionary by fooling the fans in a way they haven’t done it before.

Host says if it is a work, why don’t they do it for an AJ or Amazing Red. Co-host says it works for JB and announcers more and fans now believe that Eric Bischoff is this tyrant and they are really taking over TNA. But all in all, the hosts are unsure based on the facts and twitter. If this is real, the hosts say it is terrible for JB.

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