Ring Rust Review: Doing It My Way

Last episode we looked into the past and it was fun, at least for me. This time we look at the present and how I would fix certain things. We will start with the WWE product because it needs a lot of work. First the brand extension/split format; now I know some of you hate it and some don’t. I think it is a great idea and in fact think they should do more with it. Everyone with internet access and a message board seems to hate the fact that we get the same thing every week on television, Undertaker this, Batista that, or Cena won again and hey HHH is doing that thing again. Imagine how much worse it would be if the brands were not split, it would not only be Cena vs. Orton for the umpteenth time on Raw but also on Smackdown. Putting all the stars into one soup will bury anyone trying to come up period.  The brand extensions give lower card wrestlers more of a spotlight, not a bigger push mind you but at least they are on the card. I would also start running the brand specific PPV’s again, for two reason. First it would give the undercard talent a place to shine, and second it would give time for a feud to develop with a payoff roughly two months away. Now granted they tried this before and it sucked but this is me and not the current powers that be, because most of them know Dick Bucktus about wrestling.  Speaking of time I would devote more time to matches and I’d make them run longer (at least ten minutes) you can’t tell a good story on the mat in under five minutes, after all that’s what wrestling is visual storytelling.

I would beef up the tag teams with the undercard or mid-card wrestlers maybe throw in a veteran.  I’d have fast exciting teams that people can get behind ala the Rock and Roll Express or Rockers.  If you want to be more current Motor City Machine Guns & the Briscoe Brothers will do also. This is a good place to showcase international wrestlers also, maybe bring in some teams from Japan or Mexico. I can even bring back the six-man tag team belts. Putting these guys in a tag team does a couple of things first instead of showcasing two stars your showcasing four, and second less wear and tear on the wrestlers bodies which is great for veterans and for younger guys you don’t want to burn out to fast.  Once these teams get established and run their course one or both can be promoted to singles star, after all it’s worked in the past (Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Sting,).  I would also make sure that guys pay dues before they are even considered for upper-card status. Having wrestlers shoved down our throat has never worked well and I’m amazed that they still do it. A prime example is Gail Kim, now I love Gail and think she is a very gifted wrestler, however her first match on television she wins the title despite being as green as George Steel’s tongue, same thing happened with The Rock, Brock, Lashley, Umaga (RIP), anyone remember Taka and that light heavyweight doom-bacle.  People like to see their wrestlers pay dues and work their way up, how many times did CM Punk lose to Morrison before winning the ECW title, or the Hardys. I am hoping this is the case for guys like Evan Bourne and Kofi by the way.

As I said the PPVs will be brand specific with the exception of The Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, & Survivor Series, maybe even bring back King of the Ring. I would get rid of the stupid gimmick themed PPVs and maybe bring back Starrcade just because, and yes I would love to do War Games. Gimmick matches are fun if they have a purpose. I almost forgot about managers, yes I will bring back the lost art of the manager as well as the heel commentator.  After all isn’t that one of the reasons we watched, to see Gorilla go at it with The Brain, or to see if Jimmy Hart or James J.  would get there come-upins (according to the urban dictionary it’s a word).  Granted all this stuff is just in my head and will most likely not happen, and maybe it shouldn’t but the thing is something has to change, maybe Hulk and company will help move that change along maybe not but the further away the WWE gets from wrestling the further away they will get from the precious WWE Universe (The first thing I’d do is get rid of that saying).  So what does the future hold for WWE, well we will discuss that later until then let’s watch.