Nothing Fake About Poker: The WWE Brings its Brand of Entertainment to Vegas

There’s something to be said for the mental toughness it takes to be a professional poker player. I mean, it’s not like you can stand up after a bad beat and rack somebody over the noggin’ with a metal chair. Sure, it’s a nice thought. And if many more WWE wrestlers keep entering into the WSOP, we might just see a river rat catch a judo chop after catching the case ace. For now, however, brawn gives way to brains – but that doesn’t mean we aren’t ultra appreciative of former WWE diva Torrie Wilson stopping in at last year’s World Series of Poker to give us all some goggling fodder.

Hulk Hogan famously said someone once upon a weekend before screaming about uncontrollable back pain: “Once a wrestler, always a wrestler.” Both wrestlers and fans take this to heart, and even though Torrie is out of the game, she’ll always be known as one of the toughest—and outright sexiest—gals to ever bench press a Volkswagen and backhand the snot out of another chick in the name of entertainment. Wilson certainly doesn’t need the money, but as any poker player can attest, the WSOP is about pride. It’s about going up against thousands of the world’s best players and beating them.

You can find the best site to gamble at online and it still wouldn’t provide the type of entertainment simply watching the World Series would. Add into the equation a beautiful superstar like Wilson and you have a recipe for action. The 34-year-old former wrestler was far from the only celebrity to suit up for the event, but she may have blazed a trail that other wrestlers are planning on following in the future.

Okay, let’s be brutally honest about this. Wilson stunk it up in the WSOP, busting out on the first day. So she’s far from an example that others would want to follow in terms of performance. Her championship hopes went over the ropes faster than Ric Flair in an undercard bout at a local high school. Her best hopes of winning in poker might be to play the best Hold’em online and leave the live tournaments alone. But she did display an attribute that’s to be admired by all: heart.

As previously alluded to, big muscles aren’t going to result in big winnings. But professional wrestlers, by and large, have courage to do what they do, and this could very well translate into success should other members of the WWE decide to put on some more clothes and sit down at the table for a bit.

It’s projected that more celebrities will sit down for the shuffle in 2010, but whether or not professional wrestlers will get into the mix is another story entirely. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Chris Jericho and John Cena sitting down at a table next year. And while they’re just average Joe’s when it comes to cards, their high-intensity personalities would certainly make the match far more interesting. So here’s hoping some other wrestling stars jump aboard the poker wagon in the very near future – whether they stink or not.