Hulk Hogan Puts Over Linda McMahon

– Hulk Hogan appeared at the TV critics press event in California this past Friday to support Spike TV and TNA iMPACT but had nothing but good things to say about Linda McMahon and her senate bid.

Hogan said, “I think she’s going to win. She’s brilliant. She’s a very gracious, very smart lady, and her intent and her agenda has always been to help the community and be plugged in and be involved. Inside or outside that wrestling world that the McMahons have created, Linda McMahon is a great person.”

Hogan didn’t have the same to say about Vince McMahon. He said, “My philosophy is different than the WWE model where Vince McMahon will ride someone until they drop. He will shoot them and eat them. A transition must be made between new stars and the old. Nothing has to be edgy and personal and pull the carpet out from under people. There’s a way to make all of this work, but the focus has to be on the future, and that’s one of the things that has to happen. And that’s the biggest mistake that Vince McMahon made. My time should be over. I should be done and gone. There should have been two generations already that should have replaced me. But because things were executed correctly, I’m alive and well, and I can sell out any ring in the country right now.”

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