Legitimate Heat Between Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston

Credit: F4WOnline.com

According to Dave Meltzer, Randy Orton’s frustration with Kofi Kingston during their match on RAW was legitimate. Orton felt that Kingston should not have sold Ted DiBiase’s forearm.

Orton was seen on-camera shouting “stupid”, among other obscenities, at Kingston when Orton covered Kingston during the match. Orton was visibily upset when he got to the backstage area.

The same type of event occurred during a match with Mr. Kennedy last year, which lead to Kennedy’s release. However, nothing major is expected to happen to Kofi Kingston.




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  • j

    Orton’s a whiny bitch.

  • Jason

    I definately thought the end of that match was botched a bit
    It seems Dibiase got to the ring too late – and Kofi was just standing on the 2nd rope waiting for him to get there – and once he got there Ted barely touched Kofi and Kofi flew off (over selling the Dibiase hit)

    If Orton was going that ballistic over the poor ending – grow up a bit and keep it professional in the ring buddy!

  • Killa Rob

    got to admit though that shit was funny yelling at kofi like sum lil kid lol STUPID!!! HA!

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