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ECW on SyFy Report – January 12th, 2010

Posted by Marc Middleton in ECW Results
Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

ECW on SyFy Report – January 12th, 2010
Report by Rich Twilling,

[Q1] Highlights of the eight ECW Homecoming finalists were shown advancing in past weeks with Tiffany’s voice explaining the concept. A graphic was put up and Josh Matthews said tonight’s winner will face Christian at the

The opening video aired and fireworks lit up the stage. Matthews and Byron Saxton welcomed us to the show. Rosa Mendes came out to her own theme music and shook her ass a little bit. She introduced the man who ended ’s career, . Ryder came out to the ring.

Ryder said it was big night with all of the huge names in the back. He said they were all there to celebrate the new heart and soul of ECW. Ryder said he was above the ECW Championship, because he was ECW. “Woo woo woo, you know it.”

The Hurricane came out to the ring. He just updated his Facebook page about the minutes ago. Hurricane told Ryder to shut his mouth. Rosa yelled at him in Spanish. Helms asked, “I’m sorry, could you press one for English?” Funny. Rosa slapped him. Hurricane attacked and disposed of Ryder…

A graphic for the eight man battle royal was shown… [C]

1. Zack Ryder (with Rosa Mendes) defeated The Hurricane in approximately 5:51. Matthews explained that Tiffany made this match during the break. The match was joined in progress. Ryder scored a nearfall with a leg lariat. He dominated and scored more nearfalls.

[Q2] Hurricane fought back with a jawbreaker followed by a neckbreaker. Hurricane went to the top rope and Zack crotched him. Hurricane fell awkwardly back into the ring. Zack hit the Zack Attack for the win…

C.M. Punk cut a promo backstage about taking over ECW and starting his Straight Society… [C]

Footage was shown of the three Super Bowl (Vince Lombardi) trophies won by the Green Bay Packers. Double that, and you’ll have the Pittsburgh Steelers. Maybe they should rename Title Town…

2. Trent Barreta (with Caylen Croft) defeated in 4:50. sent Barreta to the floor. charged to attempt a shoulder block, but Barreta jumped and paused in the air, and came down with his leg across the neck of . Saxton, apparently never watching ROH or TNA, said he has never seen the move before.

[Q3] Goldust hit a powerslam and followed two big closelines. He scored a two count after a bulldog. He tried the Shattered Dreams (delayed reverse suplex), but Barreta flipped out of it. He followed with a huge running to the face for the win…

Backstage, and Ezekiel Jackson both spoke in a short promo putting over Jackson’s chances to win tonight. was shown walking through the backstage area as his music played… [C]

The Raw Rebound focused of course on Mike Tyson teasing, then siding with, . Upon further review, the heavy bag stand Tyson had in his dressing room is the exact same one I have…

Savannah introduced Tiffany and Tiffany came out to absolutely no reaction. That is on the crowd. Tiffany has been good in her role. She explained what was about to take place. She then introduced Christian, who would be part of the announce team for the main event…

C.M. Punk and Yoshi Tatsu made their entrances… [C]

[Q4] 3. Ezekiel Jackson won a battle royal that included Kane, Yoshi Tatsu, Vance Archer, , , C.M. Punk, and to become the number one contender for the ECW Championship in 13:53. Back from commercial, Archer and Kane received full entances. Shelton attacked Archer before Kane even had a chance to come out.

Evan Bourne was the first to go after jumping at Kane and being thrown by the throat over the top and to the floor. Damn. Christian called Kane the favorite, so that means he is not. Kane and Hardy reminisced about in the sack while double teaming Archer. They broke into full battle royal mode, which is relaxing for me covering the show.

Christian had a pre-written list of questions, almost foreshadowing a heel turn. He said his current title reign put him in the conversation of best ECW Champions ever. The announcers said he was arrogant. In the ring, Punk kept avoiding elimination in classic battle royal style… [C]

Nobody was eliminated during the break. Christian asked and answered one of his own questions. Saxton said the winner of the Homecoming would defeat Christian. Wow, that was ballsy. Shelton jumped over the top onto Archer, who was on the apron, and both men fell to the floor.

[Overrun] Jackson slammed Hardy over the top, but Hardy held onto the ropes. Jackson kicked Hardy’s hands and Matt was eliminated. Nice. Christian praised Jackson’s power but called him stupid. Jackson then surprisingly eliminated Punk. Kane eliminated Yoshi Tatsu.

Kane and Ezekiel Jackson were the final two men in the battle royal. Somewhere, was very happy. Zeke picked up Kane and tried to missile him to the floor. Zeke fought out of a chokeslam, but Kane hit a big boot. He missed a top rope closeline. Zeke closelined Christian to the floor and won the match…

William Regal entered the ring and celebrated with Jackson as they both stared a hole through Christian. Zeke made belt motions as Christian showed off his belt. Jackass Saxton said we would have a new ECW Champion at the Rumble…

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