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WrestleScoop Readers,

Many of you have commented about the videos being added to the site. In case you don’t know, I (Vegas Martin) manage the website while Marc Middleton updates the site with news and content.  Marc Middleton is the man behind Cram! Technologies, who has been adding tons of videos to the site recently in order to boost our video archives, as well as get some of you to check out his new website. Yes, some of these videos are old, but they’re just meant to boost the video archives, that’s all.  For example, you can see Batista’s WWE debut, Kurt Angle’s olympic gold medal win, or when Chris Jericho hit a woman this past summer.

In order to avoid confusion, I removed the videos from being displayed on the main page newsboard.  Videos will solely appear in the Videos section of the website as well as in the latest 5 videos section, which is located below the newsboard on the main page.

I also wanted to share some website statistics with you.  I started a page with advertising information if any of your are interested in advertising your website or product on  It highlights some of the neat statistics about our website traffic such as the amount of traffic we receive, which countries are traffic comes from, how many pages are viewed on average, and how much time is spent on the website.

Fact of the Day: Over 16% of our visitors visit over 100 times a month!

Please leave me some feedback on whether you think the change with the videos is a good thing or a bad thing.  Thanks to all of those who have been commenting on the articles.  Remember you can easily browse the website’s comments by clicking the Comments Archive link.

Keeping it Real,

Vegas Martin




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  • Kenn

    Thanks for this Vegas.

  • Richard

    I was also wondering why you would allow so many vids, but I understand that to make the site profitable you need to generate income.

    What would be almost just as good would be to offer up a notation in the headline (for example) Undertaker Spoof
    (vid only).

  • Justin

    The video links are still showing up on the main news page on the mobile version of your site. Any chance of fixing that? I hate trying to navigate what’s news and not during work during the brief time I’m allowed on my phone.

  • Vegas Martin

    No way to cut those out since the mobile version displays all updates. The title should give it away and they’re usually really short. Sorry.

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