Ring Rust Review: Monday, Monday

Why Monday? What exactly has made this night out of the 7 nights of the week wrestling night? To find out what the answer might be we have to travel to the past, now if you were growing up in my neck of the woods and you liked wrestling there were two big nights Saturday night watching NWA/WCW, and Monday night, which was generally the home of Prime Time Wrestling.  Though the show was moved around a couple of times it was pretty much a staple of Monday night if you were a WWF/WWE fan. The format of the show changed a little through time (lord knows why, file under if not broke don’t …..). In any case you had two hours of wrestling goodness, then the big change. In January 1993 the world of wrestling was changed forever the debut of Monday Night Raw,  you see kids before that everything was taped, wrestling angles had been played out days or weeks before you got to see it on television. Raw changed that; we had storylines coming together in real time (until they started taping it for a while then it became delayed again but whatever). The reason this was important if you didn’t know was that little engine that could called the internet, information was moving fast online and in order to keep up and not spoil the storylines and ratings for fans you had to keep one step ahead.

Now Monday Night Raw was moving along fine as you please until Mr. Ted Turner decided it was the right time to challenge Vince and the only way to do that was to go against Raw so along came Nitro lead by then WCW champion Hulk Hogan, and a “shocking” appearance by Lex Luger who everyone thought (including Vince) that he would continue with WWF (any of this sound familiar). So began the Monday Night Wars and the rest is history, WWF now WWE wins the war and everyone goes about there business, now Raw does change networks and every once in a while gets kicked out of it’s time slot due to tennis match or a dog show but for the most part it’s been a mainstay on Monday nights good or bad (and the last few years have been bad).

It’s now 2010, Raw is still a staple of Monday night right next to football, but once again the waters are being tested TNA has fired it’s first shot at the WWE and it was a good one, not great but good.  Raw is not going anywhere so it’s up to TNA to make another move, they just have to be careful, this can be really good or really bad, and what’s this a new player, Dana White stated that Spike TV wanted them to do a show on Monday night against Raw (Personally I think Spike is still upset over Raw leaving). So this week a new “war” begins, at this point with the popularity of MMA I think I think this might be the bigger threat at the moment for WWE, which is why I think they brought in Tyson and which is why I am looking forward to this Monday.  With a couple of exceptions (including a certain 84 weeks & that football business) The WWF/WWE has ruled Monday nights (If Cole says episodic one more time…..grrr), but there is competition coming, it might not be the war we expected but it still should be a fun ride, so lets see what happens. If you have comments or remarks, good or bad I want to hear it (including some bad proofreading errors from time to time…oops) and as always, let’s watch