Bret’s Ex Working Indy Show, USA Wins Cable Battle and More

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– Former WWE Superstar and Youtube ranter Damian Demento is auctioning off his one-of-a-kind wrestling shoulder pads on eBay. Demento, through eBay, will be giving 100% of the earnings from the auction to the USO, which provides entertainment and support to our troops overseas. Bidding starts at just $5,000 for this piece of wrestling history. These are the same pads that Demento wore in the main event against The Undertaker on the debut episode of WWE’s RAW back in 1993. To view the auction on eBay, click here.

– John Cena vs. Sheamus, Triple H vs. Big Show and Evan Bourne vs. The Miz are being advertised for the January 24th RAW live event in Champaign, IL.

– For 2009, the USA Network was #1 in prime-time on cable with an average rating of 2.45. SyFy was ranked #14 with an average rating of 0.97 and Spike TV was ranked #20 with an average rating of 0.80.

– Bret Hart’s ex-wife Julie will be appearing with Sim Snuka, Heidenreich, Val Venis and Doink The Clown at the Pro Wrestling Arizona indy show on January 29th in Phoenix.

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