What The Miz Said on RAW, WWE Hall of Fame Update, Big Show, More

Sources: PWInsider.com, F4Wonline.com

– Tickets for the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame go on sale Saturday, January 16th.

– Big Show was in Los Angeles yesterday doing ADR voice looping for WWE’s Knucklehead movie.

– Raul sent the following: Not sure if anyone noted this but on Monday’s Raw, when the Miz spoke French to Maryse he said: “Je suis gai, tu me veux” which legit translates to “I am gay, you want me”. I was wondering if that was some kind of practical joke or something.

– WWE signed OVW wrestler Asher Knight to a deal this past Tuesday at the SmackDown tapings. He’s headed to Florida to train with FCW.

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  • Youvey

    The Miz didn’t say “je suis gai” might of sounded like it but if that was the case Maryse would of bust out laughing in his face and with WWE having PG shows, i’d doubt that what he would say… his french is REALLY bad but he wanted to say “je sais que, tu me veux” which means ” i know you want me”

  • Ash

    I don’t speak french myself but everything miz said in french was not even pronounced properly also it was a stupid skit at least they should have taught him how to speak a lilttle french b4 doing that also i agree he said je sais que tu me veux but it sounded as if he only learnt this word today

    Maryes veut que je

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