Kofi Kingston Destroys Randy Orton’s Car




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  • I have an opinion:

    I believe the news head line should state when it’s a video, and when it’s not real. I just don’t think it’s being clear enough. 99% of the people who clicked on this would have thought this was a real story about Kingston legitimately destroying Orton’s car.

  • Killa Rob

    Nah your the only dumbass that would think that HA!

  • Oh that’s smart. You seem to think it’s socially acceptable to call someone as ‘dumbass’ over the internet. This proves that you are the true ‘dumbass’.

    Grow up.

  • vinnydictive

    not only that….but it’s “you’re” as in “you are a dumbass” not “your” as in “is that your dumbass?” ….dumbass.

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