Chris Jericho Hits A Woman




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  • Pumbaa

    She deserved it the crazy cow… It’s only wrestling ffs no need to get in the guys face about it…

  • Jason

    This happened like a year ago – why has it been reposted

  • Kenn (MKK)

    That’s a stupid and misleading title. He didn’t ‘beat her up’.

  • Vegas Martin

    Marc just wanted to boost the video archives, that’s all.

  • Johnny Z

    This was crazy ! Like 5 guards plus Jericho and Jericho was the only one really fighting off these crazed nuts. The stupid girl should have been arrested for going after him. As far as I see it, Jericho was in the right. And dam did he take em all out – lol. He was cleaning house – lol

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