TNA Genesis Main Event Announced, Ex-Diva Teases TNA

– Former WWE Diva Jackie Gayda-Haas noted in a new website blog that she would not mind returning to professional wrestling if the door came “a knockin'” again, possibly teasing TNA. The wife of WWE Superstar Charlie Haas wrote:

“Within this past ten years, things have drastically changed for all of us, there is no doubt about that. Venturing into the fitness industry through the eyes of track and field was my goal towards the turn of the century, only to be “side-railed” by a profession that I would have never dreamed, that of professional wrestling. From flying from the top rope as a WWE Diva and then onto a Total Non Stop Action Knockout, I took my greatest challenge on of becoming a mom. A mom that could not get enough of the lifestyle of fitness. Incorporating what is IMPORTANT TO YOU into your daily routine is what is going to make this decade so great for all of us. For me, that meant and still will mean training for not only the continuation of triathlons next season but also readying myself to be compete on the fitness stage for the very first time. And who knows, if the door of professional wrestling comes “a knockin'” once again (*hint hint*), I may just be answering.”

– TNA announced last night that the main event for the Genesis pay-per-view this month will be Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Hulk Hogan has also been announced for the show.

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  • Randal

    Ya know I was really hoping for Lita or Molly Holly but instead Jackie Gayda. Damn

  • PowerUp 5000

    I hope they let Kurt Angle get the title again , Styles is a good wrestler but has no Mic skills or personality kinda similar to Sheamus in WWE …oh well Tna once again getting old stars Tna aka wcw pt 2

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