Trailer for WWE’s Upcoming John Morrison DVD


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  • andrew

    It’s actually going to be released February 16th, moron

  • Kyle

    Andrew, chill out man.
    I am getting this for my B-Day hopefully.

  • andrew

    Kyle…fuck you

  • andrew

    If you’re going to report pseudo-news as facts, at least get the fucking facts right

  • Kyle

    You got anger problems or something? You need to relax.

  • Sean

    i wonder how he would do on ninja warrior and where is jericho’s dvd?

  • Randal

    Hey Sean I imagine he would be fucking mean too bad we’ll never get to see that and yeah where is Jericho’s dvd i mean he hasn’t had a single dvd since joining wwe. when they do release it it will be mean.

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