Bischoff & Russo Tease Surprises for Monday Night

– Vince Russo has launched a Facebook page and posted the following message, teasing surprises for Monday night:

“Thanks for joining me here on my page. I look forward to interacting with you all. Gearing up for live show on Monday–been working around the clock. I hope you all tune in so we can give the other Vince a run for his money. There are many surprises on the show . . . MANY surprises!”

– Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff is saying the same thing on his Twitter page:

“Wrestling fans love surprises…Monday Night Jan 4 shoulld be a fun night over at TNA”

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  • pududo

    hope they DO have surprises… turning for the first time to TNA.. if im surprised im in… bY the way also knowing that bret hart will be in raw is great… im and old WRESTLING fan…

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