Ted DiBiase Tells Funny Story About Bringing Fathers’s Belt To School

Ted DiBiase spoke to Eric Cohen of About.com this week to promote the release of The Marine 2. During the interview, DiBiase told a story about bringing in his father’s Million Dollar title into school one day for show and tell.

One time in fourth grade we had show and tell, I stole my dad’s briefcase and I took it to show and tell. Everybody else is walking in with their backpacks and sack lunches pulling out these dolls and stuff. I’ve got this briefcase and everybody was like what is that.

I was just saying it was a briefcase. When it came my turn, I put the briefcase up on the table, punched in the code, opened the briefcase, and there it is in all of its glory, the Million Dollar Belt. So I stole the Million Dollar Belt and took it to show and tell. So yeah, I was the most popular kid in class for a time after that.