Backstage Story on Sheamus, Yoshi Tatsu and Ted DiBiase

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– There is a story going around the WWE locker room about Sheamus, Ted DiBiase and Yoshi Tatsu, who were all three roommates at one time in Tampa, Florida.

The story goes that Sheamus played “big dog” in the apartment and pissed his roommates off because he allegedly would use their protein shakers and not clean them. Ted and Yoshi confronted him at the same time once. Sheamus got mad and threw Tatsu’s shaker at him but Yoshi caught it. Sheamus then called out Tatsu but Yoshi ended up beating Sheamus pretty bad. Yoshi is said to be very good with his hands and has boxed and gone through the New Japan dojo.

When asked if the story was true, Tatsu would only say, “I just wanted to teach Sheamus a lesson in respect. Don’t mess with other peoples stuff.” There was hope within WWE that the story would make its way to Vince McMahon, who has always had the mindset that he doesn’t want people to think one of his World Champions lost a real fight.

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    What is Sheamus’ real name and where does he really come from. What kind of education and does he have a family and what are their names?

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