Batista Criticizes WWE’s Younger Stars, DiBiase Talks The Marine 2

– When asked whether people will buy a DVD featuring a heel in the lead role, Ted DiBiase firmly believes they will.

“Our fans get it. we’re World Wrestling Entertainment. You see the trailer, the movie speaks for itself,” he told SLAM! Wrestling. “It’s such an entertaining film. Our fans are so loyal, man, they are. They’re great about picking up our DVDs, because our company does such a great job with them, man. It’s a great movie. It’s action-packed. Nobody is going to be let down.”

When reminded that WWE’s previous straight-to-DVD release, Behind Enemy Lines III: Colombia, had a star — Mr. Kennedy — who is no longer with the company, DiBiase chuckled.

“I don’t think it was due to his movie. I don’t know. I’m not worried about that guy. He has his own life and issues. I know that I have a good rapport with WWE. They’ve placed a lot of trust in me doing the film. I take a lot of pride in that. WWE Studios has just done a fantastic job of putting this together. The special effects, and even the music, is just unbelievable. It just looks like a major motion picture, like we had more money, about twice the money that we spent on it; that’s what it looks like with what our budget was. We had to do it pretty quick.”

– It would appear that Batista is not particularly high on WWE’s “champions of tomorrow” as he feels that other wrestlers of his generation are a dying breed.

“We’re dinosaurs in this age of instant gratification. We are not just athletes, we are also storytellers and I don’t see that in the newcomers,” Batista said in an interview with the Manila Standard Today.

Regarding his future in sports entertainment, the multi-time champion believes he will be “fat and retired” five years from now. If he’s still working for WWE, it would be in a behind-the-scenes role.

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  • Richard

    Nice try Batista. Just watching you huff and puff after less than 45 seconds in the ring makes me WANT to see your roid infested carcass dye off. You are far from an old school superstar unless you count the too many to mention personal relationships you have had with female wrestlers and groupie ring rats over the years. WWE was far more entertaining when you were out with an injury. Go away.

  • Jason

    Seriously Bastista?!?! Your a joke in the ring – storyteller my ass …
    If wrestlers like you (roided up, stiff in the ring, shit on the mic) are a dying breed – that can only be a good thing

  • Todd

    Glad I’m not the only one that is rolling their eyes at Batista… He is absolutely HORRID on the mic! NEVER give that guy the mic! I’ve never heard him NOT screw up a line in a promo of any kind! And no, he’s not “old school” either… What a joke. At this point, not that I’m a HUGE fan, but I’d rather see Ted Dibiase than him anyday!

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