Time Warner Possibly Pulling SmackDown & Others This Week

Source: F4Wonline.com

– The problems between FOX and Time Warner, because of FOX wanting TW to pay $1 per month per customer to receive FOX’s stations including MyNetworkTV, Time Warner is threatening to pull all the stations off the air this coming Friday.

This would mean that WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown this week won’t air for Time Warner subscribers. FOX has taken out ads in several major markets saying that Time Warner is trying to deprive it’s customers of their favorite shows. SmackDown is mentioned in some of the ads and it features some spots with wrestlers talking about the loss of SmackDown.

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  • kirkie1979

    its happing here in FL to with bighthouse Im on the side of bighthouse cas if they do that we will have to pay more so fox can shove it I dont mind if I miss smackdown tna is better

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