Teddy Hart to WWE with Bret?, Stu Hart in the 2010 WWE HOF?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Teddy Hart is telling people in Mexico that he is going to be coming in to WWE with Bret Hart. The feeling in Mexico is that if he does go, he won’t last long because “he hasn’t learned one thing since he’s been there (in Mexico).” The feeling is that Teddy has lots of talent but limited ring psychology and never listens to anyone, which is why WWE released him from a deal before.

Teddy wants to bring partner Jack Evans with him. AAA is high on Evans, more than they are on Hart, and Evans has two more years left on his contract with them.

Hart has either been asked by WWE, or already has filmed interviews in Stamford for the upcoming WWE DVD on the Hart family. Teddy is under the impression that the DVD is going along with WrestleMania 26 where the late Stu Hart will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Teddy was last released by WWE from a developmental deal in late 2007. He is the grandson of Stu Hart, nephew of Bret Hart and cousin to The Hart Dynasty.

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