Former WWE Star In Jail, Update on Steve Austin and WWE, More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin will appear on the Outdoor Channel’s Drop Zone TV program some time in 2010. A press release on the show was sent out with the following: “This season, former WWE World Champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, will be in pursuit of his biggest whitetail ever, while comedian Killer Beaz adds his unique brand of comedy by making side-splitting commentary throughout many episodes of the show.”

Regarding WWE, Austin is signed to a “high money” contract. WWE feels even if they pay Austin to sit at home and collect royalties, it’s worth it. More importantly, the contract prevents Austin from jumping to a competitor like Spike TV and TNA.

– reports that former WWE, WCW and ECW star Kid Kash was arrested on Tuesday for two misdemeanor counts of forgery under $500 and four misdemeanor counts of theft of property under $500. He has also been charged with identity theft and forgery, which are felonies.

Apparently Kash used the credit card of a female acquaintance on four separate occasions without her permission. Kash used the card twice at a gas station, once at a car wash and once at a grocery store. The charges all totaled less than $100. Kash is currently being held in Johnston City, TN on $10,000 bond and admits to using the card but says he had permission from the woman. Kash did have the card on him when he was arrested.

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