Angelina Love Back in TNA?, TNA Pushing Hernandez and More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– TNA is talking about bringing Angelina Love back in early 2010.

– TNA Knockout Daffney is engaged. It will be her second marriage as she was married before to Rich Ward, the lead guitarist for Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy.

– Christy Hemme wrote the following on her MySpace regarding her decision to quit wrestling:

“So, lil update, my neck is in fabulous shape. Still perfectly intact and healed up. I have obviously not been too present in the six sided ring since being cleared to wrestle a couple months ago. Thing is, I came back from with a some hesitation, understandable after having the serious neck injury. I kept waiting for the hesitation to dissipate in my passion. It became very obvious for me in the last match I had on TV that is wasn’t going away as I felt very protective of my neck and its high susceptibility to being re-injured. I knew in that match that I was done with the in-ring side of wrestling. I am an all or nothing girl and if I can’t give all my heart and energy to every match I do then I am just taking from you, my opponent and the company. This was a very hard decision to make but the strength of love for my well being ultimately always wins my ego battle and I am very proud to value and know just how precious life is.”

– TNA’s Terry Taylor recently contacted the offices of the AAA promotion in Mexico because TNA wanted to send Hernandez down to mainly get footage of him being mobbed in the streets of Mexico and headlining in front of big crowds to give the impression that he’s a big star in that country, which he isn’t.

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