RAW Rating for This Week, Carlito’s Words to Eve on RAW and More

– Chris Jericho will be hosting the 100 Most Shocking Music Moments on VH1 this coming Monday from 8-9PM.

– This week’s edition of WWE’s Monday Night RAW scored a 3.18 cable rating, down from last week’s 3.46 in the regular timeslot. The show did a 3.18 in both hours this week. NFL on ESPN this week scored an 8.4 rating.

– Angel sent the following: This week on RAW, Eve Torres could be seen getting some eggnog during a backstage segment. Moments later, Carlito came up to her and said, “Yo sabia que te gustaba el huevo.” In English, that means, “I knew you liked eggs,” or in slang terms, “I knew you liked balls.” Huevo translated in English is egg. While it means the same thing in Spanish, it’s also slang for testicles and can be construed in that manner depending on how it’s said.

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