Original Plans for Feast or Fired Ending, Hogan Down on Deaner

Source: Prowrestling.net

– As noted before, Sheik Abdul Bashir lost the Feast or Fired match at this past Sunday’s Final Resolution pay-per-view because he is legitimately leaving TNA. The original plan for the match, as crazy as it sounds, was for Bashir and Cody Deaner to grab the pink slip briefcase at the same time. Bashir was then set to defeat Deaner in a “loser leaves TNA” match on an upcoming episode of iMPACT.

The plans for the match was changed because Bashir asked for his release. Word is that he was upset because TNA’s director of talent relations Terry Taylor told him creative didn’t have any plans for him and then asked Bashir to take a cut in pay from the rumored six-figure deal he signed earlier this year. Bashir was offended by this request and asked for his release instead.

Regarding Deaner, he might not stick around in TNA much longer as the original plan was for him to leave. Sources say that Hulk Hogan has said Deaner’s gimmick makes TNA look low budget.

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