Another TNA Star Leaving Soon?

Partial source:

– Word going around TNA is that Lacey Von Erich will be fired soon. Apparently officials have given up on her and feel that she is not learning what’s being taught to her.

Lacey is said to be on “thin ice” with TNA officials.

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  • andrew

    THe headline said star? But the story said Lacey Von Erich,who’s the star?

  • Killa Rob

    there r no stars n tna just wwe rejects lol

  • Kyle

    Killa Rob, your an idiot. AJ Styles isnt a WWE reject. Neither is Daniels, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Desmond Wolfe, British Invasion and much more.

  • andrew

    They’re not WWE rejects, they’re just rejects, not even good enough to have WWE added to that, from ROH, the crappiest fed of all time

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