Update on Tommy Dreamer Leaving WWE, Mickie Says Goodbye

Partial source: PWInsider

– On her Twitter, Mickie James wrote the following about Tommy Dreamer, who has decided to part ways with World Wrestling Entertainment:

“Just got back from a wonderful dinner w my 2nd fam! Saying farewell 2 a man who hs been a leader & inspiration 2 me since my ecw tryout 00″ Who has given me the best advice In countless situations. Whom I could never repay but will always respect and love from the bottom of my Heart. There is but 1 Tommy Dreamer aka dream machine! You’ve paved the way for many. We all are grateful! I love you. Thank you! Muah!”

– There is a mix of sadness and disappointment among wrestlers following Tommy Dreamer’s decision to leave WWE. Dreamer was one of the most popular performers in the locker room.

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  • Killa Rob

    Finally he’s leaving, it would have been sooner if had never won the belt again. HA

  • DX4lifeee :)

    efff you tommmy dreamer is still the best and always will be 🙂

  • trev

    If he was so popular, why was he such a jobber????

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